Terror Reid – “DYNAMO” review

Terror Reid is a 29 year old DJ, producer, rapper & actor from San Jose, California who originally started turning heads a decade back after dubstep pioneer Skrillex signed him to his OWSLA Music for short period of time. He went on to drop 2 full-lengths & 13 EPs in the EDM genre under the name Getter before embarking into hip hop during the pandemic with Hot Vodka, which my homie Rone Bone of The Beneath the Dirt Podcast put me onto when it came out & was impressed by the boom bap/g-funk production as well as the raps from Terror himself. Considering that, I was excited to hear that we were getting a 2nd EP from him in this style.

“STAY BACK! (VOODOO SHIT)” is a fuzzy boom bap opener talking about how he can’t be fucked with whereas “SAV IT UP (LIZARD PEOPLE) works in a drumless sample to advise not letting the door getcha. The song “ACTIN’ OUT” goes full-blown g-funk even tough YVNCC’s verse isn’t all that great going into detail about hoes trippin’ while the penultimate track “AIN’T NOTHIN’” returns to the boom bap providing motivation for the listeners encouraging to find their way. “OUT DA CUT (4EVA)” closes the EP by fusing synths & dusty drums talking about never giving a fuck.

In my opinion, DYNAMO is most definitely the most I’ve enjoyed a Terror Reid to date I’m happy Getter toned down the number of features compared to his last EP, his MCing skills are improving & I respect the mix of styles in his production that range from East Coast boom bap to West Coast g-funk & even drumless.

Score: 4/5

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