$uicideboy$ – “Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation” review

This is the 3rd full-length album from New Orleans duo $uicideboy$. Consisting of Ruby da Cherry & $crim, the released a plethora of projects within the last 8 years whether it be the Kill Your$elf saga & Eternal Grey or even I WANNA DIE IN NEW ORLEANS & the Travis Barker-produced Live Fast, Die Whenever. The boy$’ just dropped their last album Long Term Effects of Suffering last summer & are ringing in another one in the form of Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation.

“Genesis” kicks off the album sampling the greatest Mario game of all-time Super Mario World with Ruby & $crim talking about reinventing themselves whereas “Matte Black” takes a cloudier route to rep the ever-growing G*59 Record$ that they founded from their inception. Fucking Your Culture” shoots for a darker aesthetic to flex just before “1,000 Blunts” works in a vocal sample talking about not giving in & relapsing on drugs.

Meanwhile on “In Constant Sorrow”, have the boy$ over some jazzy production tackling their depression leading into “Escape from BABYLON” returning to cloudier territory talking about finding love in the wrong places. “Ashes of Luxury” comes through with a mellow weed-smoking anthem, but then “Resistance is Useless” flips the late Koopsta Knicca talking about stacking up addictions & the only thing that’s changed is that they cut off one of their homies.

“Eulogy” has a mystical feel to it asking to play this song at their funerals while “No Matter Which Direction I’m Going In, I Never Chase These Hoes” atmospherically opens up about troubled relationships. The song “$uicideboy$ Were Better in 2015” is a piano-laced diss towards those who preferred their music when they were on drugs while the penultimate track “Unlucky Me” is an impressive sequel to “Lucky Me” down to the SWV sample. “THE_EVIL_THAT_MEN_DO” ends the album on a boom bap note addressing trust issues & being away from the public eye.

For the people who keep complaining that the $uicideboy$ sound the same every time they put a project out together, this is another reminder for them to shut the fuck up. The production that $crim cooks up is some of his most versatile that he’s ever made with him & Ruby giving the listeners a wide range of emotions from braggadocio to heartbreak, anger & even anticipation about their reinvention.

Score: 4/5

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