Meechy Darko – “Gothic Luxury” review

Meechy Darko is a 32 year old MC & songwriter from Brooklyn, New York who came up as part of the trio Flatbush ZOMBiES with his childhood friends Zombie Juice & Erick the Architect. They would go on to release a couple mixtapes & albums together throughout the previous decade all to critical acclaim, but have been focusing on solo careers since their debut EP now, more than ɘver… came out a couple summers back with Meech being the first up at bat with a full-length executive produced by Dot da Genius.

After the morbid “Genesis” intro, the first song “Cursed” with Kirk Knight sets off the album with some string sections talking about having their eyes wide open until they see $100M whereas “Never Forgettin’” dives into trap turf thanks to Dot himself calling this his destiny. “K.U.A. (Kill Us All)” is an uncanny yet genuinely livid shot at systematic racism just before “LAVÏ$H HABiTS (Gothika)” works in slowed down vocal sample courtesy of Denzel Curry talking about tripping on psilocybin.

Meanwhile on “Get Lit or Die Tryin’”, we have Meechy wickedly declaring that he ain’t just anybody leading into Freddie Gibbs tagging along for the piano-laced “On God” featuring co-production from Jay Versace talking about dying twice throughout his life. Black Thought comes into the picture for “The MoMA” to talk about being birthed at The Museum of Modern Art over a cold instrumental, but then “Prada U” throws some organs into the mix rightfully calling himself a rockstar.

“What If?” is a downtrodden trap cut asking about all these hypothetical scenarios while the song “Hennessy & Halos” demonically shows the world what a villain really is. The penultimate track “Lost Souls” with Busta Rhymes & Zel finds the trio over some airy production wanting an explanation from God as to why the real ones die & “BLK Magîc” is a piano/guitar-driven closer letting the listeners know such when they hear it.

People have been screaming for a Meechy solo album for the last 4-years & now that we finally got what we wanted, it’s a pretty interesting body of work & is most certainly worth the listen for any Flatbush fan. He’s more honest & cathartic on his own & the sounds that Dot da Genius helps bring to the table are a respectfully nice change of pace compared to Erick the Architect’s.

Score: 3.5/5

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