World Tour Mafia – “Tourmania” review

These guys are a group from Detroit, Michigan consisting of Dae Money, Milt, Miles & Solid. They originally formed in 2019 as a quintet & dropped their debut mixtape World Tour Mafia or Die last summer to positive reception. But with the Mafia’s popularity continuing to grow as well as Scoob departing the group not too long ago & even the 1-year anniversary of their collective debut passing by a few weeks back, they’re continuing to move forward by putting out a sophomore tape.

“Gang Gang Gang” is a suspenseful opener talking about taking over your city & “running through them thangs like Reggie Bush” whereas “This It Right Here” detailing the lifestyles that they live on top of some gnarly piano chords, snares & a hi-hat. “Final 4” works in some strings & bells talking about making money instead of chasing it prior to the formidable “Backdoor Open” warning to extort anyone who even thinks about fucking with them.

Continuing from there with “Stamped on Me”, we have the Mafia over a horn-laced instrumental talking about how turnt they are leading into “Halloween” samples the main title theme of the iconic 1978 horror masterpiece of the same name spitting some vivid gangsta raps. GT comes into the picture for “Demon” blending some keys & hi-hats together to deliver braggodio for a couple minutes just before the thunderous “Or Die” talks about representing ‘til the casket drops.

“Good Game” has a more angelic tone to the beat explaining that not being afraid of taking risks is the reason why they’re loaded on paper while “Re Birthday” with Lucki weaves some synthesizers to declare themselves as the chosen ones. “Oink Girl (Tour Girl)” is basically a hoe anthem with a blaring instrumental, but then Veeze tags along for “Construction” returning to daunting territory talking about dropping $700 on a hoodie with paint on it.

Meanwhile on “Erotic City”, the Mafia & Babyface Ray manages to sample one of my all-time favorite Prince songs boasting that they “really doing it” with the ambitious “For the Kids” strives to be rich for their families over some pianos & the hi-hats here are just rattling off like machine guns. The hypnotizing vibes of “Money Power Respect” are a nice touch expressing the amount of all 3 of the titular things to be increased while “No Timeouts” brings a more fraughting tone talking about how everyone wants the style now.

“Welcome to the Vault” has a bit of a rickety quality to the drums fused with some piano chords promising to change bitches’ lives while the song “Get Influenced” confesses over a wavy Carlo beat that they don’t even sweat about those taking inspiration from them. The rubbery penultimate track “Lethal Weapon” finds the crew cautioning to lay out anyone who dares to step up to them & “Backend” is a gripping closer talking about being the fuckin’ mob.

Now if Tourmania proves anything to me, it’s that the World Tour Mafia is amongst one of the best groups in the city right now. Their chemistry as a unit remains as strong as it’s ever been even with Scoob’s departure, the production compared to the last tape being more distinct & the performances from the very few features that they bring with them for the ride are more consistent.

Score: 3.5/5

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