Darby O’Trill – “The Tomb” review

Darby O’Trill is a 30 year old MC from Key Largo, Florida who first emerging in the fall of 2018 off his full-length debut Blood, Guts & a Whole Lotta Love. He would go on to follow it with Fester almost a year later & has extensively been working with Chapter 17/Psychopathic Records in-house producer Devereaux by bringing him into the cut to fully produce his 3rd album Piecemeal to critical acclaim during the COVID-19 pandemic. Darby’s last full-length Gully came out this past spring under Lyrikal Snuff Productionz & after dropping his 5th EP Amputate last month, he’s ringing in Hallowicked by giving the underground his a 5th album.

Score: /5

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