Glorilla – “Anyways, Life’s Great…” review

Glorilla is a 23 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who broke out off the viral & undeniably fun single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” this past spring. This ultimately resulted in local veteran Yo Gotti signing her to his Interscope Records imprint Collective Music Group a little over a week before they dropped their 2nd showcase compilation Gangsta Art a few months later, making her the very 1st female recording artist on the label.

“No More Love” starts the EP by airing out people left & right who used to be in her life over a cloudy trap instrumental from ATL Jacob whereas “PHATNALL” goes into Detroit trap territory comparing her pussy to fentanyl. The “Tomorrow” remix with Cardi B is just ok from the keys & hi-hats to the lyrics basically talking their shit, but then “Unh Unh” returns to the Detroit trap sound once more to my surprise acknowledging that they don’t wanna see gangsta bitches winning.

Meanwhile on “Blessed”, we have Glorilla over another piano-trap instrumental telling us that’s exactly how she’s feeling while “Get That Money” with Niki Pooh weaves a whistling sample into the fold as they encourage women not to be scared to as their men for money. The song “Nut Quick” is basically a Memphis version of the Missy Elliott joint “1 Minute Man” while the penultimate track “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” happens to be a great addition to the EP despite the controversy surrounding it. “Out Loud Thinking” though finishes the EP by getting her thoughts out there over a glistening beat.

For a debut EP, it’s a pretty solid way for Glorilla to introduce herself to a wider audience because I think she’s one of the best signees on CMG alongside Mozzy & 42 Dugg. She definitely has potential as shown by her performances & songwriting throughout the 26 minutes of our time that she’s given us, but the production is just mostly average & the 2 features are hit or miss.

Score: 3/5

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