Sk8star – “Mogul” review

This is the 3rd EP from Atlanta up-&-comer Sk8star. Getting his footing in the spring of 2021 off Superstar Status, he would go on to follow it up this year with both his previous EP B4NWØ & his debut mixtape New World Ørder respectively. The latter being my introduction to Sk8’s music after my lil brody UnreleasedSnip put me on, with songs like “Standin’ on Business” & “YSL Flow” being the standouts for me personally. But coming fresh off a live performance in Brooklyn last month during the Black Friday weekend that we went to & now that Christmas is only a week away, dude’s seeing fit to drop Mogul without any prior notice.

“dover mogul” starts the EP with a pluggy instrumental & Sk8star talking about being as powerful as he is coming straight out of the titular community in Screven County whereas “first class” samples the Fergie & Ludacris bop “Glamorous” 1,000x better than Jack Harlow did saying he started this shit. “thin line” returns to a more mellow trap-based sound touching on the border between love & hate leading into “tripple cross”, which keeps the plugg vibes going talking about losing friends not really being that much of an issue for him personally.

However with “paparazzi”, we have Sk8 over a rage beat from Popstar Benny calling out those who be hatin’ every time he posts a pic just before “sky’s the limit” works in some hi-hats & rattling bass to deliver some braggadocio. “slatty” has a more spacious atmosphere to it talking about having his swag on overload while the song “workin’” is a piano trap ballad admitting he’s more observant & talkative. The penultimate track “goosebumps” has a more ethereal instrumental continuing to flex & “no heart” finishes the EP on a cloudy note talking about how he did this shit.

Now if you’re like me & got drawn into this dude’s music over the summer by New World Ørder, then you’re gonna wanna give Mogul a listen as well because it’s certainly on par with his last tape & can definitely see his profile continuing to grow going into the new year. The production has some more prominent plugg undertones this time around & his melodic delivery is still as charming as it was on the predecessor.

Score: 3.5/5

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