Autumn! – “##B4GC3” review

This is the 19th EP from Louisiana rapper/producer Autumn!. Making a name himself in the plugg scene, he got his start by dropping 16 EPs & a full-length debut on SoundCloud since 2018 prior to signing to Victor Victor Worldwide & Republic Records right following the Not Much Left EP. He made his major label debut last spring with his sophomore album Antagonist!, following it up with ##B4GC2 & Golden Child 2. But with the final chapter of the trilogy on the horizon, of course twinuzis had to prelude it with ##B4GC3.

“Baby Fewch!” is an atmospheric trap opener to the EP with Autumn! talking about getting this shit too easy whereas the song “Colors!” takes a more vibrant route detailing his mob boss & not stressing over fuck boys. The penultimate track “Recollections of Fame!” embraces the pluggnb sound we all came to know & love him for as he clarifies that all his brothers roll with him prior to “The Remorse!” ending things on a somber note recalling a phone call that he received in New York & trying hard to find some sort of closure.

As we await for Golden Child 3 which is said to be a self-produced full-length album unlike the past installments of the series being EPs, this’ll sure be enough to hold us off until then. It’s pretty much a mix of his pluggnb roots & some new sounds that he successfully decided to try out. At this rate, the final entry of this series that introduced me to dude’s music is sure to be something special.

Score: 3.5/5

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