Bktherula – “LVL5” review

This is the 2nd EP from Atlanta up-&-comer Bktherula. Coming up 6 years back as a pop/R&B singer, she eventually broke out a few summers back in the plugg scene after dropping the single “Tweakin’ Together” produced by my lil homie Mars off her debut mixtape Love Santana. This resulted in her signing to Warner Records, following it up with her her sophomore tape Nirvana & the full-length debut Love Black. But after some delays, Bk’s back in effect for LVL5 here.

“TAN” is an explosive trap opener with Bk bragging about running the rap game whereas “DO IT AGAIN” works in some synths & hi-hats calling out someone she doesn’t even know for speaking on her character. “BACK” has to be my favorite joint on the album as things take a cloudier approach thanks to Evilgiane so she can fuck your hoe & rub it in your face just before “BELIEVE” comes through with an impressive R&B/trap ballad reminding listeners of her roots & her range.

Moving onto “CRAZY GIRL”, we have Bk over some more synthesizers & hi-hats to describe a bitch that don’t even know she’s the insane one prior to “NO ADLIB” is a shrilling yet rubbery trap cut about keeping a bad bitch & a stack on her along with having 1 in the head similar to Russian roulette. “Forever, Pt. 2 (Jezebel)” is another favorite from the light & melodic instrumental to the Destroy Lonely feature while the bombastic “PSSYONFT” talks about being the hardest bitch past 2022.

The penultimate track “?????” comes through with a more futuristic vibe whilst keeping some heavy bass in the fold as Bk boasts on the lyrical end until “We Made It” sends things off with Rico Nasty joining her for a celebratory yet pillowy closer to the album as they go back & forth with one another excellently proving why we need a collaborative project from them at some point down the line airing out those who hate on them yet wish they were in their shoes.

Been waiting on some new Bk for a while now & although LVL5 feels like an EP considering how short as Hell it is, it’s still an impressive body of work from her. The couplet of features both knock it out of the park as opposed the sole guest performance on the last album being mediocre & I really commend her for the album relatable theme of tapping in with your spiritual side & the small group under the angels that fight against your demons.

Score: 3.5/5

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