Shakewell & $uicideboy$ – “Shameless $uicide” review

This is the brand new collaborative EP between Shakewell & the $uicideboy$. The latter is a well regarded underground duo from New Orleans with the other being a recording artist out of Los Angeles that Ruby da Cherry & $crim signed to their very own Virgin Music imprint G*59 Record$ during the pandemic. The trio have a couple songs together like “Venom” & “Solutions” but considering that the boy$ have a few collab EPs with fellow G*59 signees Germ & Ramirez, it was only right for them to get one in with Shakewell in the form of Shameless $uicide.

The title track sets it off with the trio getting locced the fuck out accompanied by a somber trap instrumental whereas “Whole Lotta Grey” works in some synthesizers & hi-hats talking everything that they got. “Gutter Bravado” keeps the futuristic sounds going as all 3 of them spit that gangsta shot while the song “Went to Rehab & All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt” is an eerie trap banger about half men, half demigods. The penultimate track “6 Lines, 2 Dragons & a Messiah” has a more shimmering quality to the beat sampling “Tire Shop” by Gangsta Blac as they refer to themselves as the founders until the spacious closer “Big Shot Cream Soda” gets to the paper.

It’s always interesting when the $uicideboy$ link up with another one of their artists signed to G*59 Record$ for a collaborative EP & not only do I consider Shameless $uicide to be amongst my favorites of the bunch, but it makes me hope that this is only the beginning from them & Shakewell going forward. There are some interesting ideas with the production & the chemistry between everyone on the mic is better than it was on DIRTIESTNASTIEST$UICIDE a couple months back with all respect to Germ.

Score: 3.5/5

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