Tha God Fahim – “Iron Bull” review

Tha God Fahim is a 26 year old MC/producer from Atlanta, Georgia notable for his affiliation with Griselda Records as well as being 1/3 of the Dump Gawds alongside Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog. We also can’t ignore the massive discography that he’s managed to build for himself, some of the standouts include Breaking Through tha Van Allen Belts & Dump Assassins. He just teamed up with Camoflauge Monk a month ago with the 3-track offering Dark Shogunn Assassin & is now enlisting Nature Sounds to back his 40th EP.

“Man of Steel” opens the EP with some kicks, snares, pianos & a flute as Fahim elevates to new levels whereas “Turbulent Nights” has a more shimmering quality to the beat as he talks about cash ruling & how fly he is. “Tha Ladder” takes a more symphonic route grinding to reach a certain level of mastery & that he does this shit for the culture, but then Your Old Droog joins him on “Makin’ Rounds” comes through with some old timey keyboards as they talk about money making the world go round.

However on “Flame Wreck”, we have Jay Nice accompanying Fahim over ominous production to make sure those who dare to step up to them just before the Dump Gawds come together for the woodwind-infused “Let’s Make a Deal” asking if one can keep themselves strong. The song “Battleship” is a piano boom bap ballad about being military minded while the penultimate track “Food for Thought” displays some remarkable back & forth delivery between him & Droog over a drumless loop. “Story Exit” however sends things off on a soulful note acknowledging he can’t be great without discipline.

It’s wild as fuck to think how far Fahim has come as an artist with a discography as ever-growing as his throughout the past 8 years because Iron Bull has respectfully succeeded Dark Shogunn Assassin as my favorite thing that he’s dropped in 2023 yet. In just a month, the Dump Legend is continuing to elevate his pen-game with an undeniable determination & the production is more hypnotic yet varied than last time.

Score: 4/5

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