Smokingskul – “Smoke Carter 1.5” review

Smokingskul is a 20 year old Swedish-American rapper from Naples, Florida who came up in the spring of 2018 off his debut EP Souls. After going on to drop 25 more down the road, it wasn’t until last September where my little brother & UnreleasedSnip founder Jacob!played some of his shit for me during a smoke session. Namely the singles “Assembly Line” & “Vlone”. I was so impressed by the witty lyricism throughout both of those cuts, that it intrigued me enough to check out the Geffen Records-backed Nat Cap a few days later & that’s where he won me over. I didn’t get to cover the follow-up Swedish Guy, but I did enjoy Bready quite a bit at the beginning of the year & is now following up Death Before Dishonor with his 28th EP.

“pocket money” is a 45 second plugg opener produced by SenseiATL with Skul talking about being in his element & that everyone knows who finna run that shit while the song “kanye” takes a more experimental route with some dark undertones for 53 seconds starting off with him confessing that he feels like Ye himself “with the Nazi” obviously poking fun at his anti-Semitic meltdown that he was having throughout the 4th quarter of 2022 & being off the flock. The penultimate track “mom” has a more chaotic vibe sonically asking if you want the baby Glock or the bigger straps & to finish things off, we’re treated to an aggressive sequel to “backdoor” reusing the same TDF beat with all new lyrics such as the bar about keeping an Uzi like Autumn! or the Rodneyy diss at the end of his verse.

I’ll admit that I was a bit worried going into this EP considering that it’s 4 joints & 4 minutes long as a whole, but but it surpassed my expectations & I came away from it looking at it to be superior to the EP that he dropped just a few weeks ago. He’s only been getting stronger with the punchlines & I find this here to be more well-produced than the predecessor. Without a doubt my favorite artist in the dark plugg scene right now next to Glokk40spaz.

Score: 4/5

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