Autumn! – “Golden Child 3” review

Autumn! is a 25 year old rapper, singer/songwriter & producer from Lafayette, Louisiana who got his start by dropping 16 EPs & a full-length debut on SoundCloud since 2018 prior to signing to Victor Victor Worldwide & Republic Records right following the Not Much Left EP. He made his major label debut last spring with his sophomore album Antagonist!, following it up with ##B4GC2 & Golden Child 2. But with the final chapter of the trilogy in the form of ##B4GC3 a couple months ago, Autumn!’s ending it by delivering his highly anticipated 3rd album.

“God’s Child!” is a spacious trap opener with twinuzis hoping that everyone’s proud of him whereas “All My Duffels Goyard!” blends pop rap with pluggnb talking about just how he likes his duffel bags since he’s finding himself getting back into fashion again. “Chelsea, N.Y.!” works in some pianos & hi-hats for a dedication to the titular spot in the City of Dreams, but then “Backseat!” cautions to watch out for all the hoes you come across in this game over some woozy synthesizers.

Meanwhile on “Tootheache & Gaslighting!” we have Autumn! delivering a 2-parter with a plugg-infused first half with a drum & bass fusion coming in during the latter as he warns not to play him like a fool & everything he says being facts leading into “You > Them (Hate It!)” expanding on D&B even further my blending that with pop rap talking about the trials & tribulations of a relationship he once had. “Them > You!” is basically a counterpart to the previous cut from its piano/drum & bass production to its seductive lyrics just before the intoxicating sequel to “My Collection!” off ##B4GC2.

“No Good!” is a spiritual successor to “No Good 4 U” by Summrs by atmospherically breaking down why he’s bad for this woman he’s seeing while “Still the Same!” has a more playful tone throughout reminding that he hasn’t changed since becoming famous. “Still the Same! 2” samples “If It Means Anything!” off his simp music ❤ EP expands on how he’s living now until the very song that was flipped makes it’s way onto the album with it’s icy synths & lyrics about a failed relationship.

The sequel to “If It Means Anything!” on the other hand chops up “Like a Tattoo” by Sade telling this woman he’s glad she came around even though he misses her & there’s no going back while “Like That!” is a more straight forward trap jam dedicated to all the fine women that New Orleans has to offer. “Girl from the Club! 2” samples “Party” by Beyoncé acknowledging this new chick wants to live in the fast lane while “Cowgirl!” shows her how to ride it over a rattling beat.

Moving on from there with “50M Freestyle!” where uzis admits he can taste his first milli with a peppy instrumental backing him while “Can’t Rent Anymore!” has a more futuristic yet vibrant approach talking about not giving a flying fuck about a rental. “Twotimestwo!” brings a more atmospheric vibe to the table as he paints a picture of his girl bringing her friend with them for a threesome while “Colors!” flexing his hunnids being blue & green with some hi-hats & bass behind him.

“Baby Fewch!” opens up the final leg of the album as Autumn! airing out the lames with a dramatic quality to the beat this time around while the song “Recollections of Fame!” is a catchy plugg banger about his BMW E-31. The penultimate track “I am the Goat!” weaves some more synths & hi-hats discussing his greatness with the closer being “The Remorse!” off ##B4GC3, which is an emotional tribute to his deceased brother.

If any of you were 50/50 on Antagonist!, I think Golden Child 3 will definitely make up for it as twinuzis ends the trilogy with his most well-rounded full-length album so far. The production is well grounded in his pluggnb roots whilst experimenting with drum & bass along the way as his growth throughout the years prevalently shows itself in the 67 minute run.

Score: 4/5

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