Curren$y – “For Motivational Use Only” review

Curren$y is a 42 year old rapper, songwriter & record executive from New Orleans, Lousiana that first got his start with No Limit Records in 2002. He would then hop over to Young Money Entertainment & Cash Money Records in 2006, but eventually branched out in 2008 with his own label Jet Life Recordings. The man has since made a name for himself by dropping a handful of projects every single year with my favorites including the Harry Fraud-produced Cigarette Boats, the Alchemist-produced Covert Coup, the prominently Ski Beatz produced Pilot Talk series, The Carrollton Heist, the Lex Luger produced Motivational Speech, the Statik Selektah-produced Gran Turismo & more recently Continuance to name a small handful. But coming off his 19th & 20th albums Spring Clean 2 produced by Fuse before last summer got underway & even a sequel to The Drive In Theatre that same Black Friday weekend, Spitta’s celebrating his born day by having So So Def Recordings founder Jermaine Dupri behind the boards for his 27th EP & the first in a new trilogy together.

“SoSo Jets” opens up the EP by talking about repping the underground as well as how the industry couldn’t change Andretti & the fact that his career has thrived since over some synthesizers, hi-hats & frequent JD adlibs whereas “Essence Fest” has a more traditional bounce vibe to it as he declares himself to be a Chevy on chrome & taking one of the hoes home. “Never Enough” follows that up with an inspiring trap banger about defeat not being an option & going from nothing to something until 2 Chainz tags along for the synth-funk inspired “Off the Lot” to not stop for a bitch.

The song “Screens Fallin” dives into boom bap turf acknowledging that he never said he runs Nawlins yet holds it down for them while the penultimate track “Never Fall Off” with T.I. is a groovy trap cut about never slippin’ with. Fortune 500” though returns to the boom bap 1 last time so he can let everyone in as to where he is in his life now with his paper being up, poppin’ champagne as if he won the championship & even his own son knowing the difference between the startup house & a mansion.

When I first heard that Dupri was gonna be the one handling the beats for this new Curren$y EP, it really had my interest considering how well established he is in the worlds of pop rap & contemporary R&B. We’ve also only seen him land a feature or production credit on occasion for over a decade or so, with the last time that I can recall him predominantly producing a project being Dondria’s full-length debut Dondria vs. Phatfffat nearly a dozen years ago back when she was on So So Def with him mentoring her. But the first installment of the For Motivation Use Only trilogy is a solid way to kick things off & has me intrigued to hear how the rest of the series pans out. Spitta’s subject matter absolutely lives up to his name as JD proves he hasn’t lost a step by resurrecting his signature production style.

Score: 3.5/5

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