Slump6s – “Forgive Never Forget” review

Slump6s is a 19 year old recording artist from Rochester, New York who broke out right when the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic started off the strength of his debut EP Naveah. He has since gone on to follow it up with 7 more EPs, a collab EP with tana who just dropped his major label debut GAULTIER through Lil Tecca’s very own Republic Records imprint Galactic Records a couple months ago & even the full-length debut Genesis last summer. But coming off the 3-piece Dog Pack, slump starting off the 2nd quarter of the year the way he started it: with a new EP & his 9th one overall.

“Show Me Luv” is an ethereal trap opener about how he does this for all the people he knows in his life who couldn’t be here standing with him whereas “Ruthless” works in a futuristic backdrop & some hi-hats talking about being focused on getting this money. “Fashion” shifts gears with the rage beats making it clear that he’s back in his motherfuckin’ bag again prior to “Commas” returning for a more psychedelic trap to rock all black like he’s DONDA referencing my one of my top 10 producers of all-time Kanye West & the EP artwork itself. The penultimate track “S.D.M.N.S. (Shit Don’t Make No Sense)” returns to hypertrap turf with the title saying it all & “Walked” with Maajins ends the EP with both of them over some hi-hats & an intoxicating loop talking about being on route.

As the rage subgenre of trap music continues to expand from Playboi Carti helping start it all by dropping the album that started it all with 2020 Christmas Day sophomore album Whole Lotta Red to the rise of artists like Yeat, Summrs, the Homixide Gang, Ken Carson & KanKan to only name a small handful, I think Slump6s has definitely grown as an artist tremendously since he stated 3 years ago today & that not only proves what he said in late February that this is some of his best work, but intrigues me to hear if this is only the beginning of that.

Score: 3.5/5

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