DaBaby – “Call da Fireman” review

DaBaby is a 31 year old rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina blowing up almost 2 years ago off his viral single “Suge”. He has since built up the discography of 4 full-lengths, 13 mixtapes, a couple EPs & a collaborative project with NBA YoungBoy. Last time we heard from him was back in September when he dropped off a horrific sequel to his debut Baby on Baby, but is now enlisting G.O.O.D. Music in-house producer Charlie Heat to return in the form of a 3-track EP.

“Shake Sum’n” is a Philly club opener with DaBaby encouraging all the bad bitches to show him exactly what they’re working with while the penultimate track “Ghetto Girls >>>>” samples “Project Bitch” by the Cash Money Millionaires so he can talk about his preference in woman that be ratchet as fuck. “Sellin’ Crack” however comes through with a bouncy closer to end the EP saying he makes music like he slanging dope & Offset goes on to murder him on his own shit with his guest verse.

Baby on Baby 2 wound up being the worst hip hop album of last year & unsurprisingly, Call da Fireman as a 3-piece 6 minute EP really isn’t any better. There’s nothing wrong with Charlie Heat’s production on here at all & I’ll even argue that it’s more stronger than any beat we heard on DaBaby’s previous album, but I just feel like he’s continuing to paint himself into a corner with the same fucking flows & vapid subject matter.

Score: 1/5

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