Sk8star – “whole new meaning” review

This is the 2nd mixtape from Atlanta recording artist Sk8star. Getting his footing in the spring of 2021 off Superstar Status, he would go on to follow it up last year with both the B4NWØ EP & his debut mixtape New World Ørder respectively. The latter being my introduction to Sk8’s music after my lil brody UnreleasedSnip put me on, with songs like “Standin’ on Business” & “YSL Flow” being the standouts for me personally. He just put out his previous EP Mogul a month after we saw him live in Brooklyn back in November & eventually rebel at the beginning of this year, but is returning once more to surprise drop whole new meaning.

“new racks” is a cloudy trap opener to the tape produced by toom of Vanguard Music Group with Sk8 blasting about the new money that’s been coming in over his way prior to “mitchell & ness” working in some synthesizer patterns & hi-hats knowing that he’s keep shining when it’s all said, done & over with. “permanent damage” has a more delicate trap sound to it thinking that he needs a bad bitch in his life until the title track brings back the synths & hi-hats once more talking about looking at life in a different way now.

Meanwhile, “say so” discusses being the big dog of this shit with a mystic trap instrumental accompanying him in the background just before “red dead” talks about doubling his cup & the beat having a more psychedelic groove to it this time around. “love galore” switches it up a bit by diving into glitzier territory by melodically detailing how much of a good heart he has & wanting to see the real her, but then “offering” turns back into a more spacious route talking about doing whatever he wants without anyone having to control him.

“hermès” brings in the rage beats with co-production from fellow Vanguard member & Internet Money Records’ very own ReidMD making it clear to cut the laughin’ since this ain’t no joke whatsoever while “light ice” featuring tana & untiljapan is another highlight on the tape for me personally as the trio hop over a cloudy instrumental talking about riding around the coup in the late night with a minimal amount of ice in their leap cups in their own distinctive styles.

The song “trendy” continues to delve further into a more atmospherical sound courtesy of Cxdy talking about everything he does is fashionable or up to date while the penultimate track “in trouble” is a hazier trap cut calling out those who think they’re bigger than him for hallucinating & to watch your back considering the dirtiness of the music industry. And finally, “#staytrue” rounds out the tape with a inspirationally trippy ballad about always being yourself no matter what.

Of the 3 projects that Sk8’s delivered within the last 6 months, whole new meaning is quickly becoming my favorite of the trilogy even though that’s not to throw shade at Mogul & rebel because there are still some rewindable highlights on those EPs. The handful of Vanguard & Internet Money members cook up the most consistent batch of beats he’s rapped over since New World Ørder as he profoundly displays his new perspective of this crazy thing we call life.

Score: 3.5/5

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