Oodaredevil – “Rawr” review

This is the official full-length debut album from Dallas, Texas recording artist Oodaredevil. Getting his footing in off the strength of his 2019 debut EP Dr. Daredevil after early collab after being featured on some of Yeat’s early material, he would continue to make his presence in the trap scene known by building up a discography for himself by putting out a total of 10 more EPs & even a couple mixtapes. He’s just coming fresh off Diary of an Inky Kid 2.5 a couple months ago & of course Diary of an Inky Kid 2 back in February, but all those tapes & EPs have all been leading up to rawr.

The title track is a moody trap opener to the album describing feeling like Mowgli since he be in the jungle whereas “Dangerous” has some grin piano chords & hi-hats courtesy of Kevi with co-production from Henney of the 808 Mafia & Svdominik talking about not playing with them because of how menacing he is. “Zone” makes it clear that he’s in his lane & that no one else can get on it with a bit of a psychedelic trap flare to the instrumental that is until “Maniac” talking about going crazy over a more quirkier beat this time around.

“woahwoah” on the other hand a hazier sound to it discussing riding around in a foreign & blowin’/shootin’ up the spot just before “Bonquisha” refers himself as to a monster than needs to be fed accompanied with Lucid taking a more minimal approach behind the boards. “Both Ways” makes it known that his brand new shit ain’t rinky dinky even though there’s not a whole lot to say about the instrumental just before “Bad Feet” talks about needing a mansion & a couple acres over a quasi-futuristic trap beat cooked up with the help of 20, Safari, Ds2Krayz & Jakik

Meanwhile, “Loose” has a cloudier tone to it courtesy of Bugz Ronin responding to being asked what’s good by saying that it’s simply up leading into “Good Morning” featuring Keen Cortex continues to delve deeper into a more chilled out vibe as the 2 talk about first thing they say in people in the morning is “Diamonds hittin’, they glistenin’”. “Kimjun” talks about bringing the thunder over a peppily cloudy beat from Steven Shaeffer & Kelewya while the song “ok 🆗” blends some hi-hats & flutes to go into a more repetitive direction lyrically.

The penultimate track “King of the Jungle” continues to expand on the sounds of the previous cuts with more woodwind-infused trap production except Kavi & Spaceman elevate it to the next level talking about trying to be humble these days & the round the album up, “2 Phones” admits that he don’t know how to act & that he’s in lane preceding to ask if anyone else is in theirs with Mingo & Juice delivering a more playful vibe with the instrumental.

For those of you who’ve been following Oodaredevil through the features on those couple early Yeat EPs, this day has been a long time coming & it’s certainly safe to say that he pulls off a full-length debut album worth revisiting. One that new fans can familiarize themselves with as to who he his stylistically & personally too with it’s flavorful trap production & captivating performances.

Score: 3.5/5

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