6ix9ine – “DUMMY BOY” review


6ix9ine is a 22 year old rapper from Brooklyn, New York who has become arguably the most polarizing figure in hip hop today from his guilty plea for using a minor in a sexual performance to his beefs with The Game & Chief Keef. He dropped his 1st mixtape DAY69 at the beginning of the year, which showed how 1-dimensional he truly is. He has since been teasing his full-length debut over here with a handful of singles.

The album kicks off with “STOOPID”, which is an confrontational anthem carried by the Bobby Shmurda verse & the trap production from Tay Keith. The next track “FEFE” is a hideous attempt at going pop rap wasting a pretty great Murda Beatz instrumental & with an awkward Nicki Minaj verse. The song “TIC TOC” gets boastful, but the beautiful Scott Storch instrumental with some laid-back guitar strings & even Lil Baby are the only things that make it a fun listen. The track “KIKA” is a tropical-tinged banger, even though 6ix9ine’s sexual lyrics are pretty mind-numbing while the song “MAMA” is pretty much an awful sequel to “FEFE” except with a Kanye West verse in the middle.

The track “WAKA” with A Boogie wit da Hoodie sees the 2 spitting bland bars about stealing your chick over a spacey instrumental that’s actually very chilling & even though I like Anuel AA’s performances as well as the reggaeton inflicted Ronny J production on the song “BEBE”, 6ix9ine’s delivery on here is hilariously awful. The track “MALA” is pretty much the exact same thing as ”BEBE” except worse while the song “FEEFA” with Kanye is another corny sex tune with a slow Murda Beatz instrumental. The track “KANGA” with Gunna sees the 2 getting more introspective over a somber beat while the song “TATI” returns to his signature style over an alluring Boi-1da instrumental. The penultimate track “WONDO” over a bass-heavy trap Scott Storch beat & then it finally finishes with “DUMMY”, where he & TrifeDrew come together for a painful auto-tune ballad with a spacey beat.

Even though the production on here is more dynamic than DAY69’s & the features are mostly ok, I can’t think of anything else to compliment on this album because literally nothing entertaining about it has anything to do with 6ix9ine. He does try to step out of his comfort zone occasionally, but he fails miserably at it each time. I legitimately don’t know where he goes from here because you can’t be constantly outshined by your guests & producers on damn near every song of your album.

Score: 1/5

6ix9ine – “DAY69” review


6ix9ine is a 22 year old rapper from Brooklyn, New York who’s after gaining a lot of buzz in 2017. He’s also received a lot of controversy up to the release of his 1st mixtape right here from pleading guilty to sexual misconduct with a minor to canceling a show & getting jumped in Los Angeles. The album starts off with “BILLY”, where 6ix9ine gets confrontational over an eerie trap beat. The next track “GUMMO” ruins a beautifully haunting instrumental from P’ierre Bourne by emotionlessly yelling vapid street lyrics & the track “RONDO” with Tory Lanez & Young Thug talks about throwin’ money instead of fighting dudes over a spacey trap beat. The track “KEKE” with A Boogie wit a Hoodie & Fetty Wap vapidly about how gangsta they are over a decent instrumental & the song “93” gets confrontational once again over a gritty thunderous beat.

The track “DOOWEE” has another grimy bass heavy trap beat, but the verses are redundant & the hook is annoying as fuck. The song “KOODA” disses Trippie Redd over a keyboard-trap beat & while the “BUBA” instrumental isn’t too bad, it sounds underwritten. The track “MOOKY” is about stomping people out over a bland beat & the “Damn!” homage at one point really pissed me off. THE “GUMMO” sequel is slightly better than the original, but that’s because the only 2 saving graces are (once again) the Pi’erre Bourne production & the Offset verse. The tape then finishes with “CHOCOLATÉ”, where he yells about how tough his crew is over a chaotic beat.

Honestly, this was just as bad as I expected it to be. The production is mostly decent as are the features, but 6ix9ine pretty much ruins every song with his annoying delivery & substanceless lyrics. Also, some of the tracks on here sound underwritten or even unfinished

Score: 1/5