Lil Uzi Vert – “Red + White” review

Lil Uzi Vert is a 26 year old rapper & singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that became a household name in the trap scene with their 2015 mixtape LUV is Rage & then Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World the following year. Since the release of their 2017 debut album LUV is Rage 2, Uzi has been entangled with a nasty legal battle with Generation Now Entertainment/Atlantic Records until Eternal Atake came out in March of 2020 to moderate reception & followed it up a week later with the far superior Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World 2 that spawned the deluxe version trend where artists would drop a “deluxe version” of their newest project that’s basically an entirely new album. But after dropping a bunch of singles on SoundCloud thought the past week, Uzi is warming everyone up for The Pink Tape by dropping their 3rd EP.

“Space Cadet” is an pluggy opener produced by Brandon Finessin’ that’s a bit all over the place if I’m being honest with Uzi talking about not being used to stallin’ & used to cake whereas “I Know” taking a cloudier route thanks to Sonny Digital being aware of what their lover is really like. “Flex Up” reunites with Maaly Raw for a mellow trap banger talking about being the next & best one, but then “Hittin’ My Shoulder” has a more abstract approach thanks to Dun Deal calling out people on their fake love & biters.

Meanwhile on “For Fun”, we have Uzi over an airy instrumental taking about counting ranks solely for his pleasure leading into the vibrant “Believe Me” continuing to brag lyrically. The song “Issa Hit” shoots for a more abrasive aesthetic asking if it’s lit just before the penultimate track “Glock in My Purse” advises to look at it like a bag with DJ Mustard providing a synth-heavy sound. “Final Fantasy” on the other end finishes the EP with a rage beat bragging that they have the strategy.

It’s been over a little over 2 years since we last heard from Uzi on their own & for them to give us Red + White in advance, I think it’ll definitely hold us over until The Pink Tape whenever it comes out. It sounds laser-focused & I appreciate that production experiments with the plugg/hypertrap sounds that’ve been becoming more popular in recent memory.

Score: 3.5/5

Future & Lil Uzi Vert – “PLUTO X BABY PLUTO” review

This is the new collaborative effort from 2 household names in the trap subgenre of hip hop, Future & Lil Uzi Vert. The 2 have come together a handful of times throughout the last few years with songs like “Too Much Sauce” or Wassup” but after dropping a couple singles this past summer, they have seen fit to take things to the next level on PLUTO X BABY PLUTO.

The opener “Stripes Like Burberry” sees the 2 talking about wanting to make their mother’s proud over a energizing instrumental from DJ Esco whereas the next song “Marni on Me” pays tribute to the Italian clothing company Marni over a bland beat. The track “Sleeping on the Floor” talks about partying over an instrumental with some rubbery bass while the song “Real Baby Pluto” talks about their alter egos over a banger beat from Zaytoven.

The track “Drankin’ n’ Smokin’” talks about women over a calming instrumental while the song “$1M Play” talks about shooting it up over a woodwind-infused beat. The track “Plastic” talks about their Cartiers over an instrumental with some strings while the song “That’s It” talks about their woadies being coyotes over an hypnotic beat from Wheezy.

The track “Bought a Bad Bitch” talks about how fine their girls are over a nondescript instrumental while the song “Rockstar Chainz” is a solo Future cut about feeing like autopilot over an uneventful beat. The track “Lullaby” right after is of course an Uzi solo cut about doing wrong over a DY instrumental with an AMAZING vocal sample while the song “She Never Been to Pluto” is the duo getting back together to talk about kicking hoes out like Kudos over an EDM/trap fusion.

The track “F-Off Dat” talks about smoking a good pack over a plain instrumental while the next song “I Don’t Wanna Break Up” talks about wanting to stay with their significant others over a moody beat. The penultimate track “Bankroll” talks about their money over a triumphant instrumental & then the closer “Moment of Clarity” talks about everyday being a movie premiere over a luxurious Turbo beat.

For the 4 month wait, the end result is pretty mid. Not only is Uzi carrying a good portion of the tape, but I wish he & Future took more risks because on the production on here is just so mediocre & safely played. Would’ve been a much better EP if you ask me.

Score: 2.5/5

Lil Uzi Vert – “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World 2” review

This is the surprise 5th mixtape from Philadelphia sensation Lil Uzi Vert, who solidified himself as a forefront in the modern trap scene with his 2015 mixtape LUV is Rage & then Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World the year after. Since the release of his 2017 debut album LUV is Rage 2, Uzi had been entangled with a nasty legal battle with his label & it was just earlier this month that he was able to put out his sophomore effort Eternal Atake with the help of Roc Nation. Fast forward to a week & here we are with Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World 2.

The album kicks off with “Myron”, where Uzi talks about biters over a joyous beat. The next song “Lotus” shows off over a trap beat from Don Cannon with what sounds like an old video game sample while the track “Bean (Kobe)” with Chief Keef sees the 2 of course paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant over a signature instrumental from Pi’erre Bourne. The song “Yesssirskii” with 21 Savage sees the 2 charismatically getting materialistic over a blissful instrumental while the track “Wassup” with Future sees the 2 talking about winning over an atmospheric instrumental.

The song “Strawberry Peels” with Gunna & Young Thug sees the 3 talking about partying over an abrasive Wheezy beat while the track “I Can Show You” energetically flexing over an orchestral trap beat. The song “Moon Relate” talks about how women are all the same over a cavernous instrumental from Danny Wolf while the track “Come This Way” talks about how fly he is over a calming beat.

The song “Trap This Way (This Way)” talks about his crew over a cloudy instrumental while the track “No Auto” with Durkio Krazy sees the 3 getting confrontational over a grimy instrumental from none other than DY. The song “Money Spread” with Young Nudy talks about their current lifestyles over a Pi’erre beat that sounds like it was made in the year 3020. The song “Got the Guap” with Young Thug sees the 2 talking about being rich over a ethereal instrumental & then there’s the closer “Leaders”, where Uzi & NAV of all people compare themselves to Jim Jones of the People’s Temple over a psychedelic trap beat.

Honestly, this is better than Eternal Atake. It sounds more focused, the songwriting has improved as have the performances & production choices have improved, almost all the features really come together & Uzi recaptures the aura that made the first Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World so special.

Score: 4/5

Lil Uzi Vert – “Eternal Atake” review

Lil Uzi Vert is a 25 year old rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that became a household name in the trap scene with his 2015 mixtape LUV is Rage & then Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World the following year. Since the release of his 2017 debut album LUV is Rage 2, Uzi has been entangled with a nasty legal battle with his label. But with the help of Roc Nation, he’s finally putting out his long-awaited sophomore album.

Things kick off with “Baby Pluto”, where Uzi energetically introduces a new alter ego over a trap beat with some twinkling keyboards. The next song “Lo Mein” flexes over a spacious beat while the track “Silly Watch” continues to brag over a rubbery beat. The song “POP” awkwardly gets raunchy over a bassy beat with a strange synth lead as well as a part during the final verse where the word “balenci” gets repeated to the point of annoyance, while the track “You Better Move” tells his naysayers to back up over a flawless sample of the Microsoft pinball game.

The song “Homecoming” talks about how much of a boss he is over a bouncy beat while the track “I’m Sorry” sends a message to Brittany Byrd over an atmospheric instrumental. The song “Celebration Station” triumphantly talks about where he is now over a dystopian instrumental while the track “Bigger Than Life” talks about his success over a trap beat with a harmonious vocal sample throughout.

The song “Chrome Heart Tags” continues to talk about Brittany over a hypnotic Chief Keef instrumental while the track “Bust Me” is a catchy sex anthem. The song “Prices” shows off Uzi’s wealth over an amazing sample of Travis Scott’s “way back” while the track “Urgency” is an moody lovey dovey duet with Syd that goes better than I had anticipated.

The song “Venetia” is another wealth anthem that’s just as energetic as “Prices” while the track “Secure the Bag” asks his opponents what they really about over a psychedelic beat. The song “P2” is a pointless sequel to “XO TOUR Llif3” down to the TM88 instrumental while the penultimate track “Futsal Shuffle” showcases a new dance move over an electro-trap beat. Then there’s the closer “That Way”, which is a modern take on the classic Backstreet Boys song “I Want It That Way”.

Despite not being on par with LUV is Rage or Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World, I think it delivers after the long wait. Could’ve used a couple more features & the concept kinda gets lost after a while, but Uzi sounds completely refreshed & the production is really colorful. Really glad to see him come back & rise above all the label drama the way he does on here.

Score: 3.5/5

Lil Uzi Vert – “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World” review

Lil Uzi Vert is a 22 year old rapper from Philly as well as a 2016 XXL Freshman nominee. Although this is only his 4th mixtape, it’s the project that got him where he is today. The first 2 tracks on here “Canadian Goose” & “Hi Roller” both get braggadocious over a cloudy trap instrumental & then another trap beat with some wailing synths. Both of which are produced by Maaly Raw, but I personally prefer the latter. The song “Money Longer” is basically him talking about his new life & the production from Don Cannon hits hard! The track “Grab the Wheel” is a cloudy sex tune & Uzi’s singing on here doesn’t bother me at all. The song “You Was Right” is probably my favorite one on here from the melodically delivered content about him apologizing to his girlfriend Brittany Byrd for cheating on him with a groupie to the dreamy production from Metro Boomin’.

Lyrically, the next track “Baby Are You Home?” picks up where the previous song left off except that Metro’s production is more explosive. The song “P’s & Q’s” then pays tribute to Brittany & the accordion that the Cannon incorporates on here is absolutely brilliant. The last 2 tracks “Team Rocket” and “Scott & Ramona” then sees Uzi comparing him & Brittany to the titular characters, the first one with some heavy bass & the latter with a druggy trap beat from WondaGurl.

Personally, this is Lil Uzi Vert’s best work to date. The cloudy trap production is infectiously fun & while Uzi definitely isn’t a wordsmith, he sounds great over it. Definitely can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do in the future

Score: 3.5/5