Young Thug – “P*nk” review

This is the sophomore album from Atlanta, rapper & singer/songwriter Young Thug. Hate him or love him, but the man has proven himself as a modern trap icon from dropping classic mixtapes like Barter 6 & JEFFERY to starting up his 300 Entertainment imprint YSL Records & even the clothing line SP5DER. He finally dropped his full-length debut So Much Fun a couple summers back & not only was it executive produced by J. Cole, but it also ended up being the best trap project of that entire year. So given that, I was very excited going into P*nk over here.

“Die Slow” is a bare acoustic opener sending a warning to anyone who goes against him, but then the T-Minus produced “Stressed” feels like a J. Cole song featuring T-Shyne since there’s barely any Thugger presence & Cole’s flow is just so hilariously awful. Metro Thuggin’ return for “Stupid” which once again takes the bare acoustic route calling out an idiot just before “Asking” switches into some keyboards & snares getting romantic.

Meanwhile on “Recognize Real”, we have Gunna tagging along on top of a low register guitar tone talking about not being victimized leading into “Contagious” touchingly calls for more loyalty. BSlime & Future come into the picture for the piano-tinged “Peepin’ Out the Window” talking about doubling up in life whereas “Rich N***a Shit” works in a bass-heavy Pi’erre Bourne beat as Thugger & the late Juice WRLD get on the materialistic tip.

A$AP Rocky hops on the stripped back “Livin’ It Up” to help talk about how they’re doing good in life now while “Yea Yea Yea” has a danceable Wheezy instrumental expressing his gratitude. “Insure My Wrist” has a lavish [Taurus] beat as Gunna returns to look back on going from being broke to rich in a span of a decade, but then the Lil Double 0-assisted “Scoliosis” seems like a parody of “Hot”.

“Bubbly” starts out with Thugger & Travis Scott bombastically speaking on their career blasting, but I felt like the beat switch from Cardo during [Drake]’s verse was a bit unnecessary. “Road Rage” takes a cloudier turn talking about chasing those millions while “Faces” vulnerably opens up about his heart being gone because of a ratchet double crossing him.

I think Turbo’s production on “Droppin’ Jewels” is perfect as Thugger spits some real life shit while “5th Day Dead” hazily addresses those who hate seeing you racking. “Icy Hot” is a romance duet with Doja Cat that has nothing going on instrumentally, but then “Love You More” kinda seems underwritten despite it’s positive message & more poppier sound.

The penultimate track “Hate the Game” takes it back to the acoustic direction addressing all the people who’ve talking down on him throughout his career & “Day Before” with the late Mac Miller finds them on top of a sample of “charlie brown” by Verzache speaking on how they don’t need a lot, but have a lot.

Now this album isn’t as great as [i]So Much Fun[/i], but I still ended up enjoying it. I think it’s pretty cool that he kinda takes it back to the BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS says in terms of sound as well as fusing elements of alternative R&B, but just wish he’d kinda tone it down with the features a little bit.

YSL Records – “Slime Language II” review

This is the 2nd showcase compilation from Atlanta record label YSL Records. Founded in 2010 by trap trailblazer Young Thug & having been distributed by 300 Entertainment since 2016, the label has built up quite a promising roster within the last 5 years. Their most notable acts being of course Gunna & Lil Keed. The crew’s first showcase compilation Slime Language came out in 2018 to mixed reviews & as the 3 year anniversary of that original project creeps up this summer, Thugger & the gang are taking another jab at it on Slime Language II.

“Slatty” is a great way to kick off the comp as Young Thug, Gunna, Yak Gotti & Lil Duke get together over a siren induced beat from Southside whereas “Ski” shows off the chemistry between Thugger & Gunna over a string-heavy instrumental from Wheezy. The duo’s dominance continues as they pair up with Travis Scott on “Diamonds Dancing” to show off their expensive lifestyles over a piano trap fusion from Turbo, but then Drake & Gunna get together for the spacious party anthem “Solid”.

Meanwhile on “Came & Saw”, we have Young Thug bringing Rowdy Rebel on for a short verse & a lengthy hook to speak on how “you can’t put dirt on someone that’s clean” on top of a Viking-esque instrumental. He later goes on to to trade bars charmingly back & forth with Gunna on the dystopian-sounding “Paid the Fine”, but the Lil Baby verse at the beginning starts it off strong & YTB Trench’s finishes it off mediocrely.

“Proud of You” is clearly a remixed leftover from the Eternal Atake sessions that I actually enjoy up until the hearing Yung Kayo verse at the end, but then Thug & his brother Unfoonk hop on the country trap-flavored “Real” to talk about seeing their haters on the sideline. Karlae & Coi LeRay join forces for the cloudy R&B-tinged “I Like”, but then Lil Keed & T-Shyne manage to get Big Sean on the mystical-sounding “Warriors” to proclaim themselves as such.

“Pots & Pans” has a synth-heavy instrumental that I really enjoy & Lil Duke really shines on here, but NAV comes in & delivers a flat robotic verse that throws the vibe off. The song “WokStar” goes into a more ominous direction as Strick & Skepta speak on their celebrity status, but then “Superstar” marks Young Thug’s return as he & Future talk about how everyone wants to be famous these days over an acoustic instrumental with some rubbery bass.

“Came Out” incorporates a xylophone in the production as Gunna & Keed vaunt but then YNW Melly, BSlime & FN DaDealer come together on “Really Be Slime”, which is easily the most generic song on the entire compilation. “Take It to Trial” was a fun choice for a lead single & I like it even more in the context of the album, but then “Trance” by Karlae & Yung Bleu is a super redundant sex tune.

“G.F.U. (Get Fucked Up)” by Sheck Wes, Yak Gotti & Yung Kayo deliver some underwhelming bars about drug/alcohol usage on top of a Taurus instrumental with a bit of a chopped & screwed influence to it, but then the psychedelically-produced “Moon Man” finds Thugger & KiD CuDi getting together to compare life to a buffet.

“Como Te Llama” is a HiDoraah solo track that I much prefer over the one she had on the first Slime Language as she melodically goes into detail about wanting to know more about her partner, but then the Dolly White solo cut “Reckless” is even better as she goes into a more grittier direction both lyrically & sonically for 92 seconds. The penultimate track “That Go” by Meek Mill, T-Shyne & Young Thug is a hedonism ode with some prominent synthesizers & the album ends with a boring remix to “My City” by YTB Trench.

I was hoping for Slime Language II to be a step up above the predecessor, but it’s just as mediocre. Despite the label’s roster growing & improving, there are a handful of songs that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor. If YSL ever decides to do a Slime Language III at some point down the road, I hope it’s more well-curated.

Score: 2.5/5

Young Thug – “So Much Fun” review

Young Thug is a rapper, singer & songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia that exploded into the mainstream in 2014 due to the collaborative single “Lifestyle” with Rich Homie Quan. The man would eventually go on to reveal himself as a trailblazer in the trap subgenre with a handful of mixtapes. The most notable of which being the Slime Season trilogy, Barter 6, JEFFERY & BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS. He spent last year showcasing the artists on his 300 Entertainment imprint YSL Records with a mediocre compilation titled Slime Language as well as dropping 2 solid EPs: Hear No Evil & On the Rvn. But to celebrate his 28th birthday this year, he’s giving fans his long-awaited full-length debut & has brought on J. Cole to executive produce the whole thing.

The album kicks off with “Just How It Is”, where Thugger lets the listener in about his fame over an acoustic trap beat from Wheezy. The new song “Sup Mate” with Future sees the 2 flexing over a murky DY beat while the track “Ecstasy” talks about partying over an eerie trap beat. The song “Hot” with Gunna sees the 2 bragging over some victorious horns while the track “Light It Up” flaunts over a bass-heavy Pi’erre Bourne beat.

The song “Surf” with Gunna sees the 2 talking about their places in hip hop over a spacious trap beat & while the track “Bad Bad Bad” with Lil Baby sees the 2 talking about their rich lifestyles, the beat is just ok. The song “Lil Baby” pays tribute to 10 different artists that he’s worked with over a moody Pi’erre beat while the song “What’s the Move?” with [Lil Uzi Vert] sees the 2 pondering the next steps in their romantic relationships over an atmospheric beat.

The song “I Bought Her” with Lil Duke sees the 2 talking about taking their ladies on a shopping spree over a synth-heavy trap beat from DJ Durel while the track “Jumped Out the Window” talks about trapping over a vicious trap beat. The song “I’m Scared” with Doe Boy & 21 Savage sees the 3 talking about cops over a cloudy Pi’erre beat while the track “Cartier Gucci Scarf” with Lil Duke sees the the 2 showing off their designer possessions over a bland beat.

The song “Big Tipper” with Lil Keed sees the 2 getting promiscuous over a trap beat from Southside with some cool organs every here & there while the track “Pussy” gets rowdy over an baleful beat. The song “Circle of Bosses” with Quavo sees the 2 talking about being top dogs over a country trap beat while the track “Mannequin Challenge” with Juice WRLD sees the 2 boasting over a J. Cole & T-Minus instrumental with some rubbery bass.

The penultimate song “Boy Back” with NAV is of course a boring wealth anthem despite DJ Mustard’s production having some great guitar passages throughout & then the album ends with “The London”, where Cole & Thugger both talk about the things they would do at the titular hotel in Beverly Hills over a vibrant T-Minus beat.

I’ve been waiting for Young Thug to drop a full-length album & at the end, it could very well be the best trap project of 2019. It truly lives up to it’s name as most of the material on here is catchy in terms of both vocal melodies & instrumentation.

Score: 4/5

Young Thug – “On the Rvn” review

Young Thug is a 27 year old trap rapper who started out in 2011, but rose to popularity in 2014 with the release of the track “Stoner”. He has continued to constantly release music since, the most recent project of his being 1st EP “Hear No Evil” back in April & the Slime Language compilation from his 300 Entertainment imprint YSL Records last month. However, he’s dropping his 2nd EP in light of his recent arrest for 8 felonies.

The EP begins with the titular track, where Thugger talks about taking out cops over a moody trap beat from longtime collaborator London on da Track. The next song “Icey” of course boasts about the rich life over a bouncy trap beat with a quirky synth lead while the track “Climax” with 6lack is a decent love tune with a BEAUTIFUL instrumental. The song “Sin” is a club banger that gets constantly ruined by the Jaden Smith feature while the penultimate track “Real in My Veins” is a clap-back at his naysayers over a druggy trap beat. The closer “High” with Elton John of all people is a weed anthem with a piano, chilling background vocals & rattling hi-hats.

Even though it’s only 20 minutes, this is definitely an improvement over Slime Language. The first 2 features could’ve been much better & I wish he added 4 or 5 more tracks, but the production is a lot better as & Thugger’s vocal inflections continue to be one of a kind.

Score: 3.5/5

YSL Records – “Slime Language” review

YSL Records is a record label that was founded in 2016 by Atlanta trap superstar Young Thug & is distributed by 300 Entertainment. The label’s biggest signee as of right now is Gunna, who’s been featured all over the place this year. And to celebrate Thugger’s 27th birthday a day prior, he has released a compilation showcasing the artists on YSL.

The album begins with “Tsunami”, where Thugger gets sexual over some over a druggy trap beat from Wheezy. The next song with “U Ain’t Slime Enough” with Lil Duke & Jerrika Karlae sees the 3 shit-talking over a cloudy beat while the track “Gain Clout” talks about how people will do anything for fame nowadays & his speedy flow on here was unexpected yet amazing. The song “Oh Yeah” by HiDoraah has an instrumental kin to Young Thug’s previous mixtape Beautiful Thugger Girls, but her lifeless delivery does absolutely nothing for me.

The song “Audemar” with Tracy T sees the 2 getting braggadocious over a nondescript instrumental, but things do pick up on “Chanel (Go Get It)” as Thugger links up with Gunna & Lil Baby talking about taking their women on a shopping spree over a mellow Wheezy instrumental.  The song “Dirty Shoes” sees Thugger & Gunna talking the lavish life over prominent hi-hats & the track “It’s a Slime” with Lil Uzi Vert is a club banger, but it’s not as fun as when they collaborated on “Up” off of the Hear No Evil EP that Young Thug dropped back in April. The song “Scoliosis” with Gunna & Lil Duke is a hilariously raunchy sex tune with a gritty instrumental while I can appreciate the message on “Goin’ Up”, the Lil Keed verse is generic as Hell.

The song “January 1st” is about being flexed out over a decent beat, but the verse from Trap Boy Freddy ruins it. Primarily because he sounds like a pre-pubescent version of Young Thug himself. However, there was a line during the first verse where Thugger disses Russ & I just couldn’t contain myself from laughing. The song “Chains Choking Me” with Gunna pretty much speaks for itself over a druggy beat with an acoustic guitar buried in the mix while the song “STS” with Strick feels like a mediocre Beautiful Thugger Girls leftover. The penultimate track “Expensive” is a decent showcase of Young Thug’s sisters HiDoraah & Dolly as the 2 talk about getting wild over an instrumental that sounds like it was rejected during the LUV is Rage 2 sessions while the closer “Slimed In” is mostly dominated by Nechie, whose nasal auto-tuned delivery is annoying.

As a whole, this is compilation is a mixed bag. Young Thug himself & the production are ok & I can appreciate the fact that Thugger wanted to showcase the talent that he signed to YSL, but a lot of them don’t even stick out. It’s definitely for the hardcore fans.

Score: 2.5/5

Future & Young Thug – “SUPER SLIMEY” review


If it wasn’t enough that Future dropped his self-titled album & HNDRXX earlier this year along with Young Thug dropping Beautiful Thugger Girls mixtape back in June, the 2 Atlanta trap superstars are now coming together with a surprise collaborative mixtape. The opener “No Cap” sees Future & Thugger getting braggadocious over an eerie beat from 808 Mafia co-founder Southside & then on the next track “3”, they channel their inner pimp over a futuristic-ish (no pun intended) trap instrumental from DY. The song “All da Smoke” is a party anthem with a fitting cloudy trap instrumental & the track “200” is yet another braggadocious tune, but this time with more of an atmospheric trap instrumental from Tre Pounds & Wheezy. The track “Cruise Ship” is a Thugger solo cut & I love how insanely energetic he sounds over this dreamy trap instrumental.

The song “Patek Water” is basically Young Thug & Offset rapping about not wanting to go back to being broke & not only was I disappointed that Future only did the hook on here, but Offset’s line near the end about “her sucking on semen” made me cringe a little bit. However, Future makes up for it by having the track “Feed Me Dope” to himself as he raps over a sinister instrumental. The song “Drip on Me” sees Future & Thugger linking back up once more to get mafioso over a wavy instrumental & then the track “Real Love” is an spacey sex tune with Future sounding more slick to set the vibe in contrast to Thugger sounding hype. The track “4 da Gang” is another Future solo cut, but with him talking about how nothing’s changed & repping his Freebandz crew over another cloudy beat from Fuse.

The song “Killed Before” is another Thugger solo cut & despite the verses being decent, I really love how he got London on da Track to bring back that country rap vibe from Beautiful Thugger Girls. The penultimate track “Mink Flow” gets back to the braggadocio bars over a hard beat from Mike WiLL Made-It & with the closer “Group Home” venting about their break-ups, Future’s verse is more sad & Thugger’s is more fittingly hostile considering the fact that he broke off his engagement with his ex-fiancée Jerrika Karlae recently.

Modern trap fans would dream of someone as unique as Future doing a collab project with someone as versatile as Young Thug & in the end, I think this is better than the Drake & Future collab mixtape What a Time to Be Alive that they did back in 2015. Sure it’s not super lyrical, but I see that Future has a more natural chemistry with Thugger then he did with Drake. On top of that, the production is almost as lively & the deliveries are just wild

Score: 3.5/5

Young Thug – “Beautiful Thugger Girls” review


After a 2 month push-back, Atlanta trapper/singer Young Thug is finally releasing his Drake-executive produced 13th mixtape. The tape opens with “Family Don’t Matter”, where he’s talking about his homies over a beautiful country/trap instrumental. The next song “Tomorrow ’till Infinity” is about Thugger wanting to spend the rest of his life with his fiancé Jerrika Karlae & the production on here is just THUNDEROUS! The track “She Wanna Party” if you couldn’t tell is about a wild party chick over a smooth ass instrumental. The song “Daddy’s Birthday” gets braggadocious over a mellow instrumental from longtime collaborator London on da Track & surprisingly Scott Storch.

The track “Do You Love Me?” is another song about Jerrika & while it kinda reminds me of “LOVE.” off of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN. (especially during the hook), I thought the one line on here like about “busting in her hair Milky Way” was funny as fuck. The song “Relationship” is a duet with Future & I love how they trade back & forth about treating their ladies right over a joyous trap instrumental. The track “You Said” with Quavo sees the 2 talking about their relationships with Jerrika & Quavo’s side-chick over a Latin guitar-tinged trap instrumental, but I didn’t think it had to be 7 minutes long. The song ”On Fire” has a dreamy instrumental & lyrically, Thugger is asking Jerrika for a threesome but in a hilarious fashion. The track “Get High” is a nice down-tuned piano party anthem & while I wasn’t crazy about the Lil Durk verse, the Snoop Doggverse is perfect for this considering the fact that he’s one of hip hop’s biggest stoners.

The song “Feel It” melodically raps about having sex over a just as intoxicating instrumental & despite not being crazy on the songwriting with the track ”Me or Us”, the way he sings over an acoustic guitar & some heavy bass is just beautiful. The song “Oh Yeah” gets introspective about being a father & a future husband over a spacey instrumental. The penultimate track ”For Y’all” expresses his gratitude for his success over an acoustic guitar with some triumphant horns during the hook & the closer “Take Care” beautifully speaks on posing to Jerrika over a surprising almost-electronic instrumental.

Despite me never being huge on Young Thug, I think this was just as great or maybe even better than his last mixtape Jeffery. Primarily because it’s a prime example of how versatile Thugger really is, despite him being a polarizing figure in recent years

Score: 3.5/5