Young Thug – “On the Rvn” review

Young Thug is a 27 year old trap rapper who started out in 2011, but rose to popularity in 2014 with the release of the track “Stoner”. He has continued to constantly release music since, the most recent project of his being 1st EP “Hear No Evil” back in April & the Slime Language compilation from his 300 Entertainment imprint YSL Records last month. However, he’s dropping his 2nd EP in light of his recent arrest for 8 felonies.

The EP begins with the titular track, where Thugger talks about taking out cops over a moody trap beat from longtime collaborator London on da Track. The next song “Icey” of course boasts about the rich life over a bouncy trap beat with a quirky synth lead while the track “Climax” with 6lack is a decent love tune with a BEAUTIFUL instrumental. The song “Sin” is a club banger that gets constantly ruined by the Jaden Smith feature while the penultimate track “Real in My Veins” is a clap-back at his naysayers over a druggy trap beat. The closer “High” with Elton John of all people is a weed anthem with a piano, chilling background vocals & rattling hi-hats.

Even though it’s only 20 minutes, this is definitely an improvement over Slime Language. The first 2 features could’ve been much better & I wish he added 4 or 5 more tracks, but the production is a lot better as & Thugger’s vocal inflections continue to be one of a kind.

Score: 3.5/5

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