A Tribe Called Quest – “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service” review

18 years have passed since the seminal Native Tongues subgroup A Tribe Called Quest dropped their 5th album The Love Movement but light of group member Phife Dawg’s death back in Late March of this year, they’re giving us their proper final album. Luckily, every single member of the group (including Phife himself & original member Jarobi White) was involved with the making of it. The album kicks off with “The Space Program”, where Q-Tip & surprisingly Jarobi are spitting about how the African American community needs to get it together & I find the production on here to be catchy. The track “We the People…” starts off with some sirens but then Tip & Phife talk from their minds about the recent bullshit in our country & I like how they both sound like they’re talking through loudspeakers on here. The track “Whateva Will Be” has a funky bassline throughout & a short but killer guest verse from Tip’s cousin Consequence at the end. The track “Solid Wall of Sound” has some VERY melodic piano playing & not only is the chemistry between Tip & Phife on here still very strong but since Phife’s performing in a Jamaican accent throughout the whole song, it was only right to fit Busta Rhymes onto the track to do the same. The track “Dis Generation” has a tropical sounding beat & I really love how Tip, Phife & Jarobi sound together as they trade lines back & forth. Regardless of Busta joining in later on, all 3 of them sound happy as Hell to be fully back together again. Oh by the way, this track contains one of my favorite lines on the entire album which is “Day of the dead, bury all the zombies instead & it’s just your Aftermath, Busta cuttin’ your dreads”. I seriously laughed harder than I should’ve when I first heard that. Like that shit’s pretty clever. The track “Kids…” has a beat that sounds like something I’d hear from an Atari game & it sees Tip teaming up with OutKast member André 3000 & they both just sound fucking AWESOME together. The track “Melatonin” is a Q-Tip solo track & he’s interestingly talking about addiction over a funky beat. The track “Enough!!” is a sex track & I think the smooth ass production (complete with a clever “Bonita Applebum” sample) perfectly fits the smoothly delivered sexual lyrics like a glove. The track “Mobius” is solely Consequence & Busta rapping together & I really like Busta’s energy on here. I’m hoping we hear him spit like this on E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2), if that ever comes out at this point. The track “Black Spasmodic” has a joyous sounding beat & I absolutely love how Tip’s verse on here is basically about Phife’s spirit talking to him. The track “The Killing Season” sees Jarobi & Consequence teaming up with Talib Kweli to rhyme about racism in the US over some bass playing & I was actually surprised as Hell to hear Kanye West on the hook. The track “Lost Somebody” has some somber piano chords & the track sees Tip & Jarobi paying a sincere tribute to their fallen friend Phife. The track “Movin’ Backwards” sees the group teaming up with the latest Aftermath Entertainment signee Anderson .Paak to talk about being remembered over a nice electric guitar & some mellow keys. The track “Conrad Tokyo” has a relaxing beat & it sees Phife talking about Donald Trump being recently elected as the next president of the United States. There’s also a jab at mumble rappers near the end of his verse, which is just flawless. After that, we get a verse from Black Hippy member Kendrick Lamar & he perfectly continues where Phife’s verse had left off. The track “Ego” is another Q-Tip solo track & it’s well-laid out story about egotism with some really ominous sounding bass playing throughout as well as some really catchy saxes at points. The album closes out with “The Donald” which is another Phife tribute but unlike “Lost Somebody”, here we’re getting a posthumous Phife verse & it doesn’t disappoint. The keys on here are nice too. Personally, I consider this to be a PERFECT coda for my 2nd favorite hip hop group of all-time (#1 being the Wu-Tang Clan). The production as well as the lyricism throughout are top notch as it was back in the 90’s & with all these mumble rapppers nowadays, I think it’s VERY refreshing with each listen

Score: 5/5

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