Metallica – “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct” review

With Slayer dropping their 12th album Repentless last September along with Megadeth & Anthrax respectively dropping their 15th & 11th albums Dystopia & For All Kings earlier this year, it’s only right for Metallica to step up to the plate to deliver their 10th full-length album & their first since 2008’s Death Magnetic. It’s also the band’s first full-length release under their own label Blackened Recordings & for some reason, it’s a double disc album with 6 tracks on each disc. The album starts off with it’s lead single “Hardwired” which has a pretty kick ass riff, but the songwriting on here is a little too angsty for me. The next track is the album’s 3rd single “Atlas, Rise!”, which is morally about moving on & the way this whole song is executed just makes me feel empowered. The first disc ends with the 8 minute “Halo on Fire” & while that might sound cool for some of you, I personally find the listening experience of this track to be boring after a while. However, the last 2 minutes totally make up for it. Especially with the guitar solo. The first track on the 2nd disc “Confusion” talks about PTSD & while it’s not a bad song at all, it does kinda remind me of Slayer’s “Eyes of the Insane” in a way. The track “Here Comes Revenge” talks about revenge & while I enjoy the execution of the track, the lyrics on the hook do seem half-assed to me. The album’s closer “Spit Out the Bone” talks about how essential technology is & I actually think this is the most energetic song on the entire album. There’s also a bonus disc on the deluxe version containing the 2014 single “Lords of Summer” as well as live renditions of 9 previously tracks & 4 cover tracks (the first of which being a medley & the last one being recorded during a live performance). I personally prefer the song structures on Metallica’s last album Death Magnetic a lot more, but I won’t deny that Greg Fidelman’s production on this album sounds a lot more clearer in contrast to Rick Rubin compressing Death Magnetic to death (no pun intended). James Hetfield’s vocals are also on point as is Kirk Hammett’s guitar work & Robert Trujillo’s bass, but Lars Ulrich’s drumming could’ve been a lot better. Overall I definitely think this album’s worth checking out, but I guess I expected a lot more out of it

Score: 3/5

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