Big Sean – “I Decided.” review

Considering the fact that I was indifferent towards Big Sean’s previous album Dark Sky Paradise, I was kinda skeptical of going into his 4th full-length album over here. However, my morbid curiosity ended up getting the best of me as this past Friday drew closer & closer. The opening song “Light” has an uplifting message about how they can’t “take the light” no matter what. The album’s lead single “Bounce Back” talks about redeeming himself after taking an L the previous night over a dreamy trap beat & as much as I know other people love it, it’s just ok to me. The next song “No Favors” has an almost ominous sounding beat from WondaGurl & while Big Sean’s sole verse on here isn’t bad at all, the technical guest verse from Eminem that follows Sean’s verse easily steals the spotlight. The song “Jump Out the Window” talks about saving a girl from an abusive relationship she’s in & while the topic isn’t bad at all, I wasn’t really feeling the instrumental on here. I also can’t forget about the corny ass Mario Kart line near the end of the first verse. The song “Owe Me” talks about a chaos inducing ex coming back into Sean’s life & while I find the subject to be relatable, there are a few lines throughout that I find to be pretty cringeworthy. Especially the one about “cummin’ faster than The Flash”. The song “Inspire Me” is an ode to Sean’s mother & while I feel like the tribute he did to his grandmother on “1 Man Can Change the World” off his last album is better, this is still a sincerely heartfelt song regardless. The closer “Bigger Than Me” is basically about him wanting to make Detroit proud & not only do I love the feature from the Flint Chozen Choir on here, but I also like how the album closes out with Sean talking to his mom on the phone in contrast to the previous album closing out with him talking to his grandma on the phone. Personally, I consider this to be an improvement over Dark Sky Paradise. While I’m not head over heals for the production, I gotta give props to Big Sean for the concept of the album

Score: 3/5

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