Prodigy – ” The Hegelian Dialectic: The Book of Revelation” review

Almost 4 years after dropping the criminally slept-on Albert Einstein, Prodigy of the infamous Mobb Deep is finally returning with his 7th full-length album & it actually happens to be the first installment of a brand new trilogy of albums that is set to be completed by the end of the year. The album’s first song “Mystic” is the only track on here to be produced by The Alchemist (who entirely produced Prodigy’s last album) & not only do I love the flutes that he incorporates throughout the beat, but I really love how they fit Prodigy’s sincere rhymes about his talents like a glove. The next song “Broken Rappers” talks about how kids should be doing their homework on hip hop these days over an eerie beat & I feel like this track was very necessary considering all the recent mumble rap bullshit. The following song “Tyranny” talks about the current state of our government, but I’m actually indifferent towards the production on this joint. The song “As If” talks about Prodigy’s maturity which is definitely cool, but I wasn’t feeling the spacey production throughout this joint at all. The song “The Good Fight” talks about the things his family has taught him throughout his life & as much as I love Knxwledge, I don’t think the beat is one of the best he’s ever done but it’s definitely one of the better produced tracks on the album. Honestly as much as I love Mobb Deep as well as their solo work, I thought this was just ok. The rhymes are there, but the production comes off as generic to me for most of the time. Hopefully, the next 2 installments of the trilogy will have superior production while retaining the dope rhymes

Score: 2.5/5

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