TLC – Self-titled review

Almost 15 years after the death of Left Eye as well as the release of their 4th album 3D, renown Atlanta girl group TLC have decided to give their fans 1 last album. The fittingly-titled opener “No Introduction”, talks about how Left Eye’s still with them & that they’ve already paved the way, but the production is pretty nondescript. The next track “Way Back” talks about getting back with an ex & not only does the Snoop Dogg verse compliment TLC, but the beat SLAPS too! The song “It’s Sunny” talks about brighter days being here, but the club beat was just average. The track “Haters” addresses just that & while that’s fine, the modern production does not suit them at all. The song “Perfect Girls” has an acoustic vibe to it & lyrically, it seems like a sequel to “Unpretty”. We are then treated to a 1 minute interlude where Left Eye is posthumous talking over a funky instrumental. Sad thing is though: this is the only Left Eye appearance on the entire album. We then get back on track with the song “Start a Fire”, which is basically the other 2 remaining members of TLC saying that they’re hiding in men’s dreams. The instrumental starts off with an acoustic tone, but then it changes up into something more during the last minute or so. The track “American Gold” talks about no one being safe & always pulling through over a somber instrumental enhanced by some piano keys. The song “Scandalous” has a sexual tone in the lyrics over an futuristic sounding instrumental that actually doesn’t sound too bad, but I’d much rather listen to “Red Light Special”. The penultimate track “Aye Muthafucka” disgustingly goes in about being fed up with their man’s shit & the beat is somewhat catchy. Then the album fittingly closes out with “Joy Ride”, where they’re thanking us for supporting them over a funky guitar & some piano keys. Even though this was crowd-funded, I walked away from the final product thinking it was just ok. I mean I knew T-Boz & Chilli were gonna try to make it work without Left Eye & I’m fine with the songwriting on most of the tracks, but the production’s not up to snuff. I have a lot of respect for TLC but with a group of their caliber, I think they could’ve gone out with a bigger bang

Score: 3/5

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