Hopsin – “No Shame” review


With his last album Pound Syndrome being release in Mid-July of 2015 & his previous label Funk Volume going defunct at the beginning of 2016 due to a falling out with his former business partner Damien Ritter, California rapper/producer Hopsin is back on the scene yet again with his 5th full-length album & his first under his new 300 Entertainment imprint Undercover Prodigy. The album opens with “Hotel in Sydney”, where he passionately vents about his arrest for alleged assault over a symphonic instrumental. Unfortunately after that, the album takes a drastic nosedive. The next song “Right Here” basically tells the audience he isn’t going anywhere & while it’s just ok, the hook is annoying as fuck. The track “Twisted” informs the listener to respect him over a generic trap beat & then after a 1-minute skit, we then go into the song “All Your Fault”. Here, he disses his ex-girlfriend Alyce Madden along with his former label mate SwizZz & his haters in an angsty fashion over a Middle Eastern influences instrumental, but I think SwizZz was a tad bit uncalled for & the hook is annoying as fuck. The track “Money on the Side” has a nice flow, but the beat is synthetic & the lyrics about fingering a hooker’s asshole ruins it. The song “I Wouldn’t Do That” talks about being in his zone over an eerie trap beat, but calling yourself “the only MC in this wack genre” is flat out disrespectful to all of those who came before you. The track “Black Sheep” talks about being the titular idiom albeit in a corny fashion over a somber instrumental & then “I Must Be On Somethin’” talks about being crazy over a hard hitting beat. The song “Tell’em Who You Got It From” disses Alyce yet again, but the delivery is cliché as is the hook. The song “The Purge” talks about Hop’s return over an eerie trap beat & his rapid-delivery on here is insane. As for “Happy Ending”, it could very well be the worst song I’ve heard all year. It’s supposed to be a “humorous” tale about Hopsin getting fucked by an Asian woman in a massage parlor, but it’s actually in horribly bad taste. Especially with the God awful stereotypical Asian accent he does during the hook. The song “No Words 2” is a follow-up to the song “No Words” off his last album & while the original was funny, it’s hypocritical that he’s dissing Migos on this sequel considering the fact that he’s rapping over their type of trap beats on a lot of the other tracks on here. The track “Panorama City” talks about grinding over a g-funk beat that actually isn’t too bad & then “Ill Mind of Hopsin 9” is the new installment of Hopsin’s popular song series. This one is Hopsin talking to his newborn son that he can’t see due to being banned from Australia & while I can see where’s getting at about gold diggers, the lines towards Alyce make it this message come off as bitter. The penultimate track “Marcus’ Gospel” sees Hopsin getting vulnerable over a a churchy instrumental & then the nightmare finally ends with “Witch Doctor”, where he’s telling the listener not to fuck with him over a tribal instrumental. Over the course of it’s 73 minute run-time, I can say that Hopsin has only come through with SLIGHTLY better album. I will give him credit for him improving his delivery & flow but I can’t say the same for his lyrical topics, production & hooks. There are a few decent moments, but Hopsin still comes off as corny as ever on here

Score: 0.5/5

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