Tyga – “Kyoto” review

After dropping a sequel to his #BitchImTheShit mixtape last summer, Compton rapper Tyga is now going contemporary R&B on his 6th full-length album right here. The opener “Temperature” sings presumably about his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner over a tropical beat & the auto-tune on Tyga’s voice makes it even worse. The next song “Leather in the Rain” with Kyndall is a shitty sex duet with a generic club beat & the track “Come & Ball Wit Me” is basically Tyga whining about Kylie over a spacey trap beat. The song “Boss Up” sings about how he loves that his current chick is calling the shots over a moody beat & the track “U Cry” is another Kylie breakup pity party over a somber beat.

The song “King of the Jungle” sees T-Raw admitting that he was unfaithful to Kylie over an atmospheric instrumental while “Hard2Look” is an honest to God diss track towards her new boyfriend Travi$ Scott that comes off REALLY corny. The song “I Need a Girl 3” is an unnecessary follow-up to the 2 Puff Daddy songs that came out in 2002 while the track “Train 4 This” has some corny boxing & Mike Tyson references over a trap beat with a decent “Dilemma” sample buried in the mix. The song “Hot Soup” sings about how his chick will make him feel better over a bland beat while the track “Sip a Lil” is of course about drinking & rambling about missing Kylie over a mediocre trap beat. Unfortunately, the Gucci Mane verse on here couldn’t save it either. The song “Faithful” with Tory Lanez sees the 2 telling their ladies to have faith in them over another tropical beat & the penultimate track “Ja Rule & Ashanti” is filled with corny references to both artists over a nondescript beat. The torture finally ends with Holdin’ On’, where he gets sexual with his current woman over a generic beat.

Now I know a lot of people including myself went at the artwork when Tyga originally posted it on Instagram last month but musically, this is truly the worst thing he’s ever done. I can commended him for trying to step out of his comfort zone, but there is not a single song worth sitting through from beginning to end. His singing is absolutely God awful, the auto-tune he throws on top of it doesn’t mask it either, the lyrics are trite & the production is dime a dozen

Score: 0/5

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