Kool Keith – “Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation” review


Almost 22 years after the release of his classic 1996 solo debut Dr. Octagonecologyst & then the mediocre Return of Dr. Octagon in 2006, Ultramagnetic MCs member Kool Keith is making his 20th album over here an official sequel to his solo debut. This time, he has re-enlisted Dan the Automator to produce it & DJ Qbert to do the scratches.

The album starts off with “Octagon Octagon”, which is basically about the Dr.’s return with some creepy choir vocals in the background. The next song “Polka Dots” is filled with battle bars over a druggy beat while the track “Black Hole Son” talks about his operating methods over a eerie beat. The song “Power of the World (S Curls)” gets conscious over gritty rap rock beat while the track “Operation 0” sees Keith comparing himself over an atmospheric beat. The song “Bear Witness IV” is a turntablism tune that serves as a sequel to “Bear Witness” from Dr. Octagonecologyst & it’s just as great as the original.

The track “Area 54” gets raunchy over a fun instrumental & the song “Flying Waterbed” is a love profession with a laidback jazzy beat. The track “3030 Mets the Doc” pretty much speaks for itself & I think there’s actually quite a bit of chemistry between Keith & Del the Funky Homosapien. The penultimate “Karma Sutra” gets sexual over rap metal beat & the closer “Hollywood Tailswinging” talks about how he runs the boulevard over a thunderous beat.

While I never thought an official Dr. Octagonecologyst sequel would see the day, this was near-perfect. Kool Keith, Dan the Automator & DJ Qbert all managed to recapture every aspect of the first album flawlessly from the bizarre lyricism to the eclectic production

Score: 5/5

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