Kodak Black – “Dying to Live” review

Kodak Black is a 21 year old rapper who blew up with the release of his 4th mixtape Lil B.I.G. Pac in 2016. He then landed a spot in the 2016 XXL Freshman Class a few days after & released his debut album Painting Pictures the following year. But now 10 months after the release of his Valentine’s Day tape Heart Break Kodak as well as a series of legal troubles, he’s delivering his sophomore album before the year is done.

The album kicks off with “Testimony”, where Kodak talks about being God-sent over a somber trap beat. The next song “This Forever” talks about his place in the game over a bouncy beat while the track “Identity Thief” is an attempt at going hyphy & it surprisingly works pretty well. The song “Gnarly” with Lil Pump is a party anthem with a spacey beat while the track “ZEZE” with Offset is a catchy tropical banger.

The song “Take 1″ serves as a diss towards 6ix9ine over a gritty trap beat while the track “Moshpit” with Juice WRLD speaks for itself over a blissful trap beat that doesn’t suit the vibe at all. The song “Transgression” talks about being blessed over some keyboards while the track “Malcolm X.X.X.” is a touching dedication to XXXTENTACION over a synth-heavy instrumental. The track “Calling My Spirit” talks about his 3rd eye over an acoustic trap beat from Southside & Jake One while the song “In the Flesh” talks about resurrection over a cloudy beat.

The track “From the Cradle” gets boastful over a beautiful acoustic beat while the song “If I’m Lyin’, I’m Flyin’” talks about fame over a spacey trap beat. The penultimate track “Needing Something” is a piano ballad about inner peace. The album then finishes with “Could’ve Been Different”, where Kodak talks about a deceiving person he knew over a trap beat with some gloomy keys.

I’ve been curious to hear this given the singles & now with the finished product here, I think it’s his best work yet. However, it’s still average at best. I think he can work on trying to sound more coherent, but the production mostly knocks & a handful of the song topics are some of most mature to date.

Score: 3/5

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