DJ Akademiks – “Clout Chaser” review


DJ Akademiks is a 27 year old media personality known for covering hip hop news on his YouTube channel & co-creating COMPLEX’s Everyday Struggle with Joe Budden in 2017, but I guess now he’s taking a jab at rapping by dropping this random ass EP on Christmas Day.

The opener “Chug Jug” is a response to “Fall” off of Eminem’s latest album KAMIKAZƎ, but it comes off as so plain & basic. The song “Durag” brags about a girlfriend of his who I’m not even sure exists over a trap beat with some prominent bells & while the penultimate track “Celina” is a dedication to Celina Powell, the delivery is awful & the beat is bland. The EP finally ends with “Super Lit”, which is a boring attempt at making a club banger.

Yeah, this was much worse than I expected. Ak’s commentary on both YouTube & Everyday Struggle has always made me feel like I’m losing brain cells, but he really takes it to the next level with dime a dozen production, flows & lyricism.

Score: 0/5

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