Chance the Rapper – “The Big Day” review

Chance the Rapper is a 26 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, actor & activist from Chicago, Illinois that became an overnight sensation in 2012 with his debut mixtape 10 Day & he would eventually follow it up the next year with one of the best mixtapes of this decade: Acid Rap. Last time we heard from Chance was in 2016 with Coloring Book which had an more admirably Christian message to his music, but was weighed down by an abundance of features. 3 years have passed & he’s now making his return with his full-length debut.

The album kicks off with “All Day Long”, where Chance talks about feeling grateful over a blissful instrumental from none other than The Social Experiment. The next song “Do You Remember?” gets nostalgic over a buttery instrumental while the track “Eternal” with Smino sees the 2 talking about wanting a lifetime relationship over a funky beat. The song “Hot Shower” with DaBaby & MadeinTYO sees the 3 rambling about this chick over a nondescript trap beat while the track “We Go High” pays tribute to his wife over a J Dilla inspired instrumental.

The song “I Got You (Always & Forever)” is a hideous 1-night stand anthem & after the “Photo Ops” skit, the song “Roo” with Taylor Bennett sees the 2 getting motivational over a cavernous beat. The title track talks about his wedding over a beautiful acoustic instrumental while the song “Let’s Go on the Run” with Knox Fortune sees the 2 pretty much simping over a sunny beat.

The track “Handsome” with aMegan thee Stallion] sees the 2 boasting about how beautiful they are over an simplistic trap beat while the song “Big Fish” with Gucci Mane sees the 2 charismatically bragging over a settle trap beat. The track “Ballin’ Flossin’” is basically a Christianized version of Drake’s “Ratchet Happy Birthday” & after the “4 Quarters in the Black” skit, the song “5 Year Plan” talks about his goals over a bare piano instrumental.

The track “Get a Bag” with CalBoy pretty much speaks for itself over a tropical instrumental while the song “Slide Around” with Nicki Minaj & Lil Durk sees the 3 flaunting over an ambient/trap beat from Pi’erre Bourne. The track “Sun Come Down” vents about his insecurities over an atmospheric beat while the song “Found a Good One (Single No More)” is of course another dedication to his wife over an upbeat instrumental. The track “Town on the Hill” gets spiritual over a moody beat & after the “Our House” skit, the closer “Zanies & Fools” with Nicki Minaj is an annoying love song with a tribal-esque instrumental..

As a fan of Chance’s early work, this was a huge disappointment for me. There are a few cuts that sound like they come from the heart, but then there are many others that’re just straight up generic. Hopefully, his next project will be at a respectable length

Score: 2/5

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