Redd – “Symphony of Sympathy” review

Redd is a 26 year old rapper from Detroit, Michigan known for his association with local underground powerhouse Majik Ninja Entertainment. Given that, it was only right for Twiztid to sign Redd to their new sub-label Welcome to the Underground & give a hand in pushing his full-length debut.

After the melodic piano-inflicted intro, the next song “Followers” with Twiztid finds the trio talking about those who only care about how big they are on social media over a tropical beat whereas the track “Vulnerable” talks about being just that over a bare acoustic instrumental. The song “Smile” ponders what it takes to be happy over a cloudy beat while the track “2 Signs” with Blaze Ya Dead Homie & KYNE sees the 3 awkwardly going full blown country rap.

The song “Good Morning, Goodbye” with Illy Maine finds the 2 talking about cheddar chasing over a upbeat-trap instrumental while the track “Real Talk” with The R.O.C. sees the 2 boasting over a mellow beat from Mvc Mowl. The song “Love” is a melodramatic story about being drawn into this woman he first started talking to on Facebook while the track “Hello Stranger” talks about going it through it all over another country-flavored instrumental.

The song “Banana Clip” with Polo Frost sees the 2 talking about groupies over some claps while the track “Gameboy Color” with Gibby Stites finds the duo making multiple video game references about over a suiting instrumental. The song “Summit” talks about climbing to the peak over a woodwind infused trap beat while the penultimate track “Sleep on Me” talks about being underappreciated in the rap game over a nocturnal instrumental. The album finishes off with “Bounce”, which is a club banger backed by an beat kin to D4L’s “Laffy Taffy”.

I was curious to see where Redd would take things on this album (especially with one of the freshest underground labels in recent years backing it) & honestly, Symphony of Sympathy is pretty solid. The features are either hit or miss with me personally, but I really appreciate how versatile it is throughout.

Score: 3.5/5

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