Marv Won – “Sooner Than Later” review

Marv Won is a 39 year old MC/producer from Detroit, Michigan who came up as a part of the world famous Fat Killahz. He’s gone on to become well respected in the battle circuit & has released a total of 3 solo albums, with the previous one being Soundtrack of Autumn in late 2016. However after this new full-length effort of his was set to drop next weekend, Marv has decided to put it out on his Bandcamp a week early.

The album kicks off with “Workin’”, where Marv talks about staying on the grind over a glistening beat. The next song “G.T.F.O.T.W. (Get The Fuck Out The Way)” talks about being beyond rappers over a grimy instrumental while the track “Twin Towers” showcases the titular duo consisting of Marv & Fatt Father over sinister boom bap beat. The song “Camp Low” talks about taking his own route over a soulful instrumental while the track “Lenny Cooke” talks about how he used to be the best kid in the class over a forlorn beat.

The song “Lay You Down” talks about living in a bucket of crabs over a gloomy instrumental while the track “Streets” talks about how you already know what it’s like in the gutter over some keys & a soul sample. The song “Clock on ‘Em” talks about putting cats under the gun over a dusty boom bap instrumental while the track “Nautica Van” talks about how that’s all he ever wanted over a lavish beat. The penultimate track “Raynathan” with Willie the Kid finds the 2 talking about those who want them to fall over a relaxing instrumental & then the closer “Rose” talks about appreciating loved ones before they’re gone over a glamorous beat.

Marv has always been one of the illest to ever come out of Detroit & this album is just a reminder of that. Dude’s production has only gotten better with time & his pen-game on here is powerfully thought-provoking.

Score: 4/5

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