Rico Nasty – “Nightmare Vacation” review

This is the long awaited full-length debut album from Maryland’s very own Rico Nasty. Coming onto my radar a couple years ago off her Nasty mixtape, I was pretty impressed by her unique personality & her eclecticism. The last project Rico had put out prior was a phenomenal EP produced entirely by Kenny Beats last April titled Anger Management but as this turbulent year draws to a close, it’s only right for her to finally drop Nightmare Vacation.

The opener “Candy” talks about never changing the way she acts over a bombastic instrumental whereas the next song “Don’t Like Me” with Gucci Mane sees the 2 talking about haters over a cloudy beat from Buddah Bless. The track “Check Me Out” gets boastful over a piano & some hi-hats while song “iPhone” talks about relationships over a hyper pop instrumental from Dylan Brady.

The track “STFU” continues to brag over a blobby instrumental from Take a Daytrip while the song “Back & Forth” with Aminé finds the 2 showing off their chemistry with one another over a flute-tinged trap beat. The track “Girl Scouts” talks about pulling up with a chopper over a ghostly instrumental while the song “Let It Out” vents all of her frustrations over a trap metal beat from 100 gecs.

The track “Losers” with Trippie Redd sees the 2 talking about those trying to fit in over an uptempo instrumental from Brandon Finessin’ while the song “No Debate” talks about how to make a bitch lose it. The track “Pussy Poppin’” gets raunchy over a quirky instrumental while the song “OHFR?” talks about not giving a fuck over an industrial-sounding beat.

The track “10 Fo” talks about leaving the last behind over a trap instrumental with a horn buried in the mix while the song “Own It” advises listeners to own up to themselves for everything over a rubbery beat. The penultimate track is a terrible remix to the Kenny Beats-produced “Smack a Bitch” & then the closer is actually the original “Smack a Bitch”, which I think is a brutal Asian Doll diss.

Coming away from this album, my feelings towards it are mixed at the end of the day. I commend Rico for being one of the most exciting performers in hip hop today & that absolutely applies here, but the production is just so hit or miss.

Score: 3/5

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