Frazier Trill – Self-Titled review

Frazier Trill is a 31 year old rapper from Greenville, South Carolina who came onto my radar a couple years ago when Pi’erre Bourne signed him to his Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records. However after a couple of features & singles under his belt, Frazier is ready to deliver his full-length debut with Pi’erre production from start to finish.

The album kicks off with “Evolution”, where Frazier talks about his growth over an eerie instrumental. The next song “Make a Way” talks about praying to make it out the hood alive over a cloudy beat while the track “Missing” with Bermuda Yae sees the 2 talking about murder over the exact same instrumental Famous Dex used for the intro of his 2018 debut album Dex Meets Dexter. The song “Me & My Dog” talks about living it up over some victorious horns while the track “Wat Else” flexes over a beat that I can picture being in a modern Mario game.

The song “Door Swang” with Jelly finds the 2 going back & forth about moving weight over a metaphysical instrumental while the track “Like This” talks about those who run their mouths over a frightening beat. The song “Start Over” talks about how he don’t play games over a mischievous instrumental while the track “Don’t Know the Half” talks about those who can’t understand over a shadowy beat. The penultimate song “Today” talks about riding with a thug over some prominent bells & then the album ends with “Bout Nun”, where Frazier talks about being fresh as shit over a delicate instrumental.

If anyone enjoyed The Wolf of Peachtree or Chavo’s World as much as I did, then I think you’re gonna enjoy this album as well. It’s a little too short only running at 26 & a half minutes, but Frazier does a good job at showing his potential as he’s at his hungriest lyrically whereas Pi’erre kills it behind the boards as he pretty much always does.

Score: 3.5/5

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