J Billz – “Streetz Hottest Young’n” review

J Billz is a 23 year old rapper from Spartanburg, South Carolina who came up at the beginning of 2020 off the strength of his debut mixtape Home Detention. He also happens to be a protege of local recording artist, songwriter, producer & engineer Pi’erre Bourne by signing to SossHouse Records prior to that previous tape coming out. However, he’s enlisting Pi’erre to make a bigger breakthrough on his debut full-length album following the sophomore efforts of his 3 labelmates last month Frazier Trill alongside Chavo & Sharc respectively.

“Trappin’ Like a Fool” is a piano-trap opener to the album talking about riding around with the toolies whereas “Onion” has a more peppier flare to it calling himself a trap junkie going hard 25 hours & 8 days a week. “Pick Today” returns to a more ominous groove so he can reminisce of all the shit that he didn’t say that is until “War with Us” aggressively airs out those who want beef with the Sosshouse crew with a cloudy instrumental backing him.

Meanwhile, “Steppas” keeps things hazy as Billz makes it clear that he sees all the fuck shit just before “Fuck Dat” talking about feeling like DJ Khaled since all he does is win & stomping a bitch boy out in public on sight. “Megan Thee Stallion” gives off a more playful sound comparing his bitch to the queen of the hot girls herself, but then “Kreepin’” weaves some pianos & hi-hats advising everyone to lock their doors since the young homies out here.

“Tony Jeff Story” gives off a somber trap tone as he tells the story of both Tony & Jeff being deep in the streets while “Depend on Me” pulls from plugg music a big asking how things are gonna work out if she claims she hates him. The song “Back to Trappin’” returns to a cloudier vibe talking about never forgetting where he came from even though he can’t stay away from the trenches while the penultimate track “Best of Me” brings in more keys & hi-hats wanting everyone to be up front about any smoke with him. “Opp N****z” however ties the album up with a booming trap closer saying he drops people instead of dissing them.

It was only a matter of time until J Billz got an album produced by Pi’erre & now that we got Streetz Hottest Young’n, I consider it to most certainly be a cut above Home Detention & a solid introduction to his mentor’s fanbase. It’s more well-produced than that previous mixtape which is kinda what I expected so Billz can improve both his songwriting & performances by giving more introspective content without needing any guest verses.

Score: 3.5/5

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Sharc – “Sharc Wave” review

This is the sophomore full-length album from Atlanta, Georgia rapper Sharc. Breaking out as a Pi’erre Bourne protégé signing to the South Carolina recording artist & in-demand producer’s very own Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records, he would drop a few singles & land some feature placements until dropping his own debut 47 Meters Down literally the week after appearing on “Drunk & Nasty” off the 5th & final installment of his mentor’s Life of Pi’erre series. But coming off producing both Still Trapp’n & Chavo’s World 3 earlier this month, Pi’erre’s keeping the hot streak going by lacing Sharc Wave in it’s entirety ahead of J Billz’ full-length debut Streetz’ Hottest Young’n in a couple weeks.

The instrumental throughout the opener “Walk Down” has these retro-video game like synths & hi-hats so he call out every single motherfucker that’s jackin’ his swag out here whereas “Sicario” switches it up with a more euphoric sound talking about going pistol for pistol. “PMR 30” laces more hi-hats & synths making it known that he ain’t afraid to spray rounds from his strap just before “1 of 1” is a piano trap ballad reminding how much of a threat he is.

“Skeleton Mansion” incorporates some woodwinds & more hi-hats so he can stick while your hood up playing with handguns since he from New York even though his shawty got a fetish for rifles, but then “Super Bowl” goes for a more horn-based sound talking about how SossHouse stays winning without competition. “Members” is a more keyboard/trap crossover saying he in the mood, but then “Miami” has a cloudier vibe talking about going through shit.

Meanwhile, “Hashtag” begins the last leg of Sharc Wave with a woozy beat detailing a bitch that simply wants to act bad while “Harley Quinn” is a cloudy trap banger comparing his lover to that of the Joker’s titular ex & Suicide Squad member. The song “Soss Love” is a triumphant dedication to his squad while the penultimate track “Brixton” has a futuristically bassy approach talking about swimming instead of surfing. “Talm Bout” on the other hand ties up the album with a thunderous closer discussing the lifestyle that he lives.

Sosshouse has been on a tear these past 3 weeks with all these albums that Pi’erre’s been producing for his artists because so far, Sharc Wave is my 2nd favorite of the 3 behind the very one we got last weekend Chavo’s World 3 & has me wondering how J Billz will properly introduce himself on Streetz’ Hottest Young’n in merely a couple weeks. Sharc sounds recharged throughout his performances as he surfs over his mentor’s signature production style.

Score: 3.5/5

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Chavo – “Chavo’s World 3” review

Chavo is a 29 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia notable for being the son of Benzino & the older brother of Coi Leray. However, my introduction to him was when South Carolina recording artist & producer Pi’erre Bourne signed him to his very own Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records. His 2018 debut mixtape Hood Luva was solid & the sophomore tape Mixed Emotions was even better in my eyes until the full-length debut Chavo’s World continued to show his elevation. However, the sequel generally received moderate reception & his debut EP Hood Luva 2 is considered to be his weakest body of work. The next EP Blue Hills returned to a more mixed response, but is now re-enlisting Pi’erre to fully produce his 3rd album.

“I Love It” lets it all off with a synthesizer-based trap instrumental explaining that he be getting money whereas “Fort Worth” featuring Sharc works in some strings & hi-hats so they can both talk about pulling up to Texas. “B.M.D. (Bitches, Money, Drugs)” is a flute/trap hybrid detailing the 3 things that he loves the most in this world just before “Black Tint” has a more vibrant feeling to it boasting that he feels like the president when riding around in the titular kind of whip.

Meanwhile, “Queen of the Demand” brings back the synths to acknowledge that his girl is well aware of the fact that Chavo gon’ fuck on her friends if she fucking her also leading into “I.D.W.T.F.N.L.W.U.” (I Don’t Want to Fall n Love With U)” is a shimmering trap cut about not wanting to fall in love with this bitch he’s talking about. “HEY!” keeps things wavy telling this woman who wants to her to smash at a party to not pay attention to nobody, but then “Hoola Hoop” dives into more atmospherical territory talking about spinning around after dropping the addy.

“Procedure” blends the sounds of a submarine & these synthesizers so he can show off his luxuries that come with a life of fame while “For Me (Babygirl)” is a catchy trap ballad with some pop rap elements throughout a confesses that he don’t know if this chick is his soulmate. “Up Up Up” incorporates a booming instrumental telling this woman not to be a stranger while “Postman” featuring Veeze finds the pair over a hazy beat talking about running laps all year long.

Moving on from there, “Call on Me” has a more minimal sound telling his lover to drop the addy whenever while “Hiccups” dives into moodier turf talking about the game needing him & that none of his boys are victims. The song “Serena, Venus” gives off a more trippier aesthetic describing this Brooklyn girl he met seeing the difference between Chavo & her own man while the penultimate track “Shiesty” talks about how reckless the homies be over synth-strings & hi-hats. “System” though is a futuristic closer with his lover making it clear she’ll catch a case for him.

As disappointing as Hood Luva 2 & Blue Hills have been, I still respectfully maintain that this guy has an overall discography superior to his younger sister’s & Chavo’s World 3 further solidifies that because this is a dope return to form for him. Pi’erre’s production here is refreshing considering that was the biggest issue I had with both of those previous EPs & Chavo himself sounds more focused throughout his performances.

Score: 3.5/5

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Frazier Trill – “Still Trapp’n” review

This is the sophomore full-length album from South Carolina rapper Frazier Trill. Emerging as a Pi’erre Bourne protégé after signing to the latter’s Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records, he then made his mark over a couple years ago after withan eponymous debut fully produced by his mentor properly introducing himself to the masses & showing us what he’s capable of. But as Pi’erre is now turning his attention to his SossHouse signees after dropping his latest EP Grails last month to critical acclaim, Frazier is first at bar assuring that he’s Still Trapp’n.

“Alaska” is a symphonic trap opener flexing that his shit be on froze whereas “System” works in some synths & organs getting on the more conscious tip lyrically talking about the corruption within the United States government. “Bachelor Party” hooks up some horns & hi-hats assuring that you know it’s about to get wild, but then “One of a Kind” brings back the synthesizers so he can talk about how fine & unique that one special woman in his life truly is to him.

Meanwhile, we have Frazier expressing his desire for 30 chains on “Lu Kang” over a trap instrumental with a somewhat eerie synth pattern leading into “Cold Case” taking more ominous approach talking about spending $1K on a new pair of kicks. Fellow SossHouse labelmate Jelly makes the album’s only guest appearance on “Big Dog” diving into more rowdier territory as far as sound goes boasting their statuses in the game just before “Hood Rich” has a really cool flute weaves into the fold thanking God he didn’t lose his life in the streets.

“Another One” has one of the weaker performances on the album as he sounds like he’s trying to impersonate Gucci Mane a bit jumping over a rubbery trap beat talking about not needing another plug while “Motion Picture” mixes some keys & hi-hats asking what the biz is. The song “Cash App” has a more suspenseful vibe for an ode to the titular mobile payment service while the wavy penultimate track “Steven Segal” talking about getting the dope & selling it. “My Last” is a synth-induced closer spending the remaining amount he has on 20 things.

I’ll always appreciate Pi’erre for always trying to push his protégés by producing albums for them & Still Trapp’n makes it pretty clear that Frazier ain’t going nowhere because not only is it on par with the predecessor, but has me anticipating Chavo’s World 3 as well as Sharc Wave & Street’z Hottest Young’n in the coming weeks. He sounds refreshed after taking a couple years off & I actually think the production that his mentor cooks up here is better than self-titled as solid as that album was.

Score: 3.5/5

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Pi’erre Bourne – “Grails” review

Pi’erre Bourne is a 29 year old producer, rapper, songwriter & engineer from South Carolina who became one of the most in demand beatsmiths in hip hop today off amongst the biggest songs in Playboi Carti’s entire catalog “Magnolia”. He’s also made a name for himself on the mic by dropping 10 mixtapes as well as a couple EPs & 3 full-lengths albums, with the latest being Good Movie over last summer to mixed reception. However, Pi’erre’s looking to switch things up with his 3rd EP over here by officially releasing his biggest, most popular unreleased songs that were stashed in the vault.

“IG” sets the tone for what’s to come with it’s synthesizers & hi-hats as well as the lyrics addressing running into social media models at an Odell party whereas “Love Reeks” has a more playfully nocturnal vibe to it talking about how the grass is much greener after cutting hoes off. “Chicken & Waffles” for a TLoP4 leftover might be my favorite on the EP with it’s cloudy, bassy instrumental & the braggadocio throughout prior to “George Lopez” pulling together some synth-strings talking about feeling like Biggie with the more problems that arise when having more paper.

The final leg of the EP starts off with the cloudy “NY in June” telling his lover to simply follow him while the song “Tabloid” talks about a bitch that’s all up in him kin to the titular newspaper with a compact page size smaller than broadsheet accompanied by a psychedelic trap beat. The penultimate track is [a sequel] to “Honeyberry” with an instrumental that gives me 8-bit video game vibes discussing an ancient love & the wavy “Lessons” ends the EP talking about fucking bad hoes for practice.

I know some people like to dismiss Pi’erre as an MC as distinct of a producer he is but as someone who’s been following him for the past 6 years, Grails is easily the best EP he’s ever put out for a collection of previously unreleased leaks in contrast to the mediocrity of Good Movie & will keep everyone satisfied until Made in Paris drops. His improved songwriting is more catchier as opposed to the excessive horny subject matter throughout the previous album that gets annoying rather quickly & his production game remains unmatched.

Score: 4/5

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Pi’erre Bourne – “Good Movie” review

This is the 3rd full-length album from South Carolina producer, rapper & engineer Pi’erre Bourne. Becoming one of the most in demand beatsmiths in hip hop today off Playboi Carti’’s “Magnolia”, he’s also made a name for himself on the mic by dropping 9 mixtapes along with a couple EPs & LPs within the last dozen years or so. He just dropped the 5th & final installment of The Life of Pi’erre series last summer & then the TM88-produced Yo88! in the winter, but is coming fresh off the Space Age Pimpin’ collab album with Juicy J by dropping Good Movie.

The first song “Shorty Diary” following the “Opening Scene” intro kicks off the album with some synths & a rattling bass-line detailing a relationship that’s beyond repair & after the “Logline” interlude, “Ex Factor” takes a more calmer route talking about not wanting sloppy seconds. After the “Intro to Love” interlude, “Love Drill” comes through with a catchy yet atmospheric banger confessing that he wants something real whereas “Hop in My Bed” goes into peppier territory talking about a bitch that wants to fall in love with him a little.

“Superstar” works in these incredible string harmonies to tell his girl who she fucking with even though the hook’s trash leading into “Where You Going?” shooting for a moodier aesthetic talking about the love he has with this woman being priceless. “What I Gotta Do” vigorously asks his girl why she likes him to begin with, but then “DJ in the Car” dives into futuristic territory calling his girl a DJ in the Uber.

Don Toliver tags along for the cloudy “Psane” to get raunchy & after the “Kingdom Hall” skit, the actual “Kingdom Hall” song itself has a more sensual vibe to it comparing to his girl popping up at his place to that of a Jehovah’s Witness believer. Also, the guitar near the end was unexpected yet interesting. After the “Witty” skit, “Kevin Heart” brings some delicate synths into the fold talking about putting all his problems in a blunt just before “SossHouse Party” dives into bop turf to rep SossHouse Records.

Meanwhile on “Safe Haven”, we have Pi’erre talking about chilling in his hideout with some rage undertones while “Rounds” jumps on top of an airy backdrop & some finger-snaps to describe a bitch wanting to get fucked up off the alcohol & dropping a corny Star Wars reference during the first verse. “System” weaves some synths along with hi-hats more finger-snaps explaining to his lover that she got a real one with her while Young Nudy comes into the picture for the heavenly-produced “Moving Too Fast” to talk about sex. The title track however was a great choice of a single with it’s up-tempo instrumental & Pi’erre’s with the closer “Heart Say” bringing some unexpected rock undertones to the beat telling his girl to speak from the heart.

As much as I respect Pi’erre for both his talents behind the boards & on the mic, I’m pretty indifferent on Good Movie to be quite honest & would personally prefer Yo88! over this. The production is dope don’t get me wrong on that whatsoever & I’m not against romantic subject matter in hip hop songs in any way shape or form, but it’s so excessive to the point where it gets annoying & at some moments cringey for me personally.

Score: 2.5/5

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Juicy J & Pi’erre Bourne – “Space Age Pimpin’” review

This is the brand new collaborative mixtape between Juicy J & Pi’erre Bourne. One is a founding member of the groundbreaking Memphis outfit Three 6 Mafia & the other being a South Carolina recording artist who quickly became one of the most in-demand producers in hip hop today due his one of a kind sound. Juicy just did a verse for “Bubble Gum” off of Jelly’s latest album The Wolf of Peachtree 2 fully produced by Pi’erre, so they’re coming together for some Space Age Pimpin’.

“You Want It” kicks off the album with a grim trap banger that finds Juicy & Pi’erre bragging that they got all the shit others desire whereas “Smokin’ Out” works in some chopped & screwed influences talking about the lifestyles they both live. “This Fronto” returns to a more darker trap sound describing both parties being under the influence just before “Bring Them Out” reveals itself as a fun anthem to all the hoes out there.

Meanwhile on “Uhh Huh”, we have Juicy & Pi’erre delivering a symphonic trap banger getting materialistic leading into “B.B.L. (Brazilian Butt Lift)” comes through with a trumpet-laced ass-shaker’s ode. “Who Get High” shoots for a hazier aesthetic talking about being blowed, but then “Can’t Get Her” mixes a guitar with some hi-hats calling out dudes getting in their feelings because they stole their bitches.

“The Deep In” explains how bad they’re tweakin’ over a triumphant instrumental & even though I love the soul sample throughout the penultimate track “NFT”, the subject matter about the biggest scam in the world is just tiresome at this point. “Unsolved Mystery” ends the tape with a rugged banger reminding everyone not to bring any bullshit to them & that they don’t fuck around.

Compared to the Stoner’s Night tape that Juicy dropped with Wiz Khalifa at the beginning of the year, I happen to like Space Age Pimpin’ a tad bit more. That’s no disrespect to Wiz either because he & Juicy have always had a dope chemistry, but I really find it fascinating how a style as unique as Pi’erre’s collided with Da Juice Man’s in terms of overall sound.

Score: 3.5/5

Pi’erre Bourne – “Yo88!” review

Pi’erre Bourne is a 28 year old producer, rapper, songwriter & engineer from South Carolina who became one of the most in demand beatsmiths in hip hop today off Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia”. He’s also made a name for himself on the mic by dropping 8 mixtapes as well as 2 EPs & 2 full-lengths albums, with the latest being The Life of Pi’erre 5 over the summer finishing the series. But to move on from it, Pi’erre’s enlisting TM88 to fully produce his 10th mixtape.

“O.M.S. (On My Shit)” is a futuristic opener talking about being in his bag whereas “Pop Out” takes the cloudier route paying homage to his bitch. “Homecoming” has a more uptempo sound talking about the hood showing love whenever he comes back around which gets me in a good mood when it comes on, but then “Stunt 102” almost has that Whole Lotta Red sound to it flexing his lavish lifestyle.

Meanwhile on “Chit Chat”, we have Wiz Khalifa joining Pi’erre on top of an atmospheric instrumental calling out those who be running their mouths for those who love moshpit starters leading into the synth-laced “Block Boy” talking about carrying his block with him wherever he goes which is admirable. “Yo!gurt” is basically a BJ anthem going into a more ethereal direction just before Young Nudy tags along for the spacious “Richer Dreams” talking about their wealth.

The song “Love Scam” is essentially him saying there ain’t no price on his girl’s love at all over an intoxicating beat while the penultimate track “Cullinan” explains that he gets better with time & the guitar licks on here are just stellar. “Run It” then ends the tape with some suspenseful synth melodies that really draw you in celebrating his success.

The Life of Pi’erre 5 showed many improvements in Pi’erre, so I was absolutely excited going into this tape. Lo & behold: I like it just as much if not more than his last album. Dude’s getting progressively better as a performer & I think it really goes to show that people need to give TM88 his flowers for helping lay the groundwork for modern trap production.

Score: 4/5

Chavo – “Chavo’s World 2” review

This is the sophomore album from Atlanta raper Chavo. Breaking out a few years ago as a protege of Pi’erre Bourne, he would go on to become a flagship artist on the South Carolina superstar’s Interscope Records imprint Sosshouse Records. His first 2 mixtapes Hood Luva & Mixed Emotions both received positive feedback amongst listeners, but Chavo’s profile began to increase when his Pi’erre-produced full-length debut Chavo’s World came out last fall. And with a little over a month left with summer, he & his mentor are reuniting for the sequel Chavo’s World 2.

“Tweets” is an uptempo opener about putting a bitch in the air like a pterodactyl whereas “Packs” works in some heavy bass to get confrontational. His sister Coi LeRay tags along to say they ain’t the same no more for the luxurious piano ballad “American Deli” just before spaciously comparing his gun to that of a “Rari”.

Meanwhile on “Hennessy”, we get a psychedelic party stater leading into Pi’erre jumping on the mic with Chavo for the moody “Ryuk” talking about a woman living her best life as a youth. The “Had a Feeling” remix is pretty much the same as the OG except it has a new Pi’erre verse, but then “Paris” has a cloudier vibe talking about wanting to go back to the titular city in France.

“Messy” serves as a euphoric lust tune & much like the “Had a Feeling” remix, the “Michigan” remix is the same as the OG except Babyface Ray pops up to spit a new verse. The penultimate track “That’s It” brings in some keys saying he wants to help everyone but he’s not Superman, but then the closer “Mission Impossible” futuristically keeps it playa.

Even though I personally prefer the original Chavo’s World, this isn’t too far off for a sequel album. I like how he brought in some features to break up the monotony of the predecessor & his MC/producer chemistry with Pi’erre is like no other.

Score: 3.5/5

Sharc – “47 Meters Down” review

Sharc is a 25 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia emerging a few years back after signing to Pi’erre Bourne’s very own Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records. He’s dropped a handful of singles in the past year (the most notable of the bunch being a tossup between “Ricc” or “GTA RAF CITY”) & after landing a spot on The Life of Pi’erre 5 earlier this month, I’m pretty surprised they’re pulling the trigger on dropping a debut album from him this quickly.

The opener “100 Clip” has a bit of a quirky beat & lyrics bragging about foreign shit whereas “Yes Sir” speaks on shooting ya mans over a bassy instrumental. “Grimey Story” lives up to it’s title with it’s vivid storytelling, but the production is kinda plain here. However, “Dump First” makes up for with it’s eerie sound & returning to the gangsta rap tip.

Meanwhile on “Brown Water”, we get a woozier cut looking back on running with the d-boys just before incorporating some shrilling synths & going at his competition for “Duppy”. He later declares himself as the big shark on the electro-tinged “Sharc Wave”, but then “Gang Pop” brings in an accordion as he talks spraying them hammers.

“Brinks” talks about robbing a bank if he don’t go platinum over a comatose beat while “Lean Music” details him taking a hoe to STK accompanied with a wieldy instrumental. The song “Gun Parade” is a horn-inflicted ode to firearms while the penultimate track “Purple Rafs” finds Pi’erre accompanying Sharc on the mic for some cloudy flexing. Then there’s the organ-laced closer “Only Fans”, which is about fucking an OnlyFans bitch.

Sosshouse Records been a roll pushing their artists as of late & it has me wondering who they’re gonna push next because Sharc whipped up a solid effort here. He really lets listeners know more about him as a person with Pi’erre sticking to his signature sound in the production.

Score: 3.5/5