Yung Rani – “Homecoming” review

Yung Rani is a 18 year old rapper from Detroit, Michigan who originally came out a couple years back off his debut EP Afterparty. However just a little over a year later, he’s returning out of the woodwork to drop a debut mixtape.

The tape starts off with “24/7”, where Rani talks about how people played him & now they bump his music all the time over a druggy beat. The next song “Loko” talks about this chick only wanting him just because he’s famous over an instrumental with some lavish keyboards while the track “Yeah Yeah” talks about handling business over a twangy trap beat. The song “Back Now” talks about going crazy as of late over a euphoric instrumental from the homie Mars while the track “5 Phones” talks about never holding a psycho bitch down over a weepy beat.

The song “Views” talks about excelling over a vibrant instrumental while the track “Envy” opens about feeling like he’s failing all of his goals over a cavernous beat. The song “Bando” talks about listening to your heart instead of your mouth over a flute & some monstrous bass while the track “Baddie” talks about not wanting to let anyone down over a depressive piano instrumental.

The song “Dime Piece” talks about not coming back to any of the fake people who surrounded him over a wistful beat while the track “Big Dreams” talks about his ambitions over a vast instrumental. The song “Mamacita” gets flirtatious over a DJ Mustard type beat while the track “500” gets materialistic over an instrumental with a modern Bay Area feel to it.

The song “Woah Woah” talks getting back on his shit over a gentle beat from Mars while the track “Pourin’” talks about a girl who told him to be himself over a drowsy instrumental. The song “Speechless” talks about someone taking him for granted over a stripped-back, syrupy beat while the penultimate track “Bad Vibes” talks about being unable to think straight over an acoustic instrumental. The album ends with “All I Ever Wanted (Breakfast)”, where Rani talks about how he doesn’t know where he’s going over a sluggish beat.

I honestly never heard of this kid’s music until my brother Jake introduced me to it a while bag & I gotta say, this is a pretty solid effort. The hunger in Rani’s lyrics are undeniable, the melodies he comes up with stick in your head & the production is pretty boisterous. Can’t wait to watch him get bigger as time goes on.

Score: 3.5/5

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