Pooh Shiesty – “Slime Season” review

Pooh Shiesty is a 21 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who broke out just last year off his viral single “Main Slime”. This resulted in Gucci Mane signing him to his Atlantic Records imprint 1017 Worldwide & after multiple appearances on the label’s recent showcase compilations, he’s now being granted a full-length debut.

The intro talks about seeing through fake shit over an icy trap beat whereas the next song “Back in Blood” with Lil Durk finds the 2 talking about murder over an instrumental with some foreboding piano melodies. The track “Guard Up” talks about fucking up anyone in his way over an acoustic guitar along with some rubbery bass while the song “Ugly” with Gucci Mane sees the duo talking about how everyone with them is thuggin’ over a trap beat with some distressing keyboards.

The track “Neighbors” with Big30 finds the 2 talking about being real g’s over a wintry instrumental while the song “50 Shots” talks about getting it in at the trap over an elegiac beat. The track “No Chorus” talks about death over a pessimistic instrumental while the song “Box of Churches” with 21 Savage sees the duo talking about bringing the smoke to ‘em over a spectral beat.

The track “Making a Mess” with Big30 & Veeze finds the trio talking about romance & guns over a bassy instrumental with this horn section occasionally popping in & out while the song “Choppa Way” talks about staying the same despite being rich now over an ominous beat. The track “Take a Life” with Foogiano sees the 2 talking about how people don’t know what it’s like to kill someone over an instrumental with a prominent woodwind sample while the song “Gone MIA” talks about all the pussies out there over a triumphant beat.

The track “Big 13 Gang” with Choppa Wop & Lil Hank finds the 3 talking about being a threat over a cinematic instrumental while the song “Drop Some Shit” talks about trying to make it out before he gets locked up over a cloudy beat. The track “See Red” talks about blood being around him over a trap/rock fusion while the song “Master P” compares himself to the No Limit mogul of the same name over a heady beat from Tay Keith. The album ends with the strip club anthem “Twerksum”, which originally appeared on the So Icy Gang compilation back in October.

Of all the recent 1017 signings, Pooh Shiesty has stood out to me the most. However, this album is just decent at best. He has a great presence on the mic & his songwriting is definitely ear-grabbing, but the production is just middle of the road & most of the features kinda weigh it down.

Score: 3/5

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