Sylvan LaCue – “Young Sylvan” review

Sylvan LaCue is a 30 year old rapper from Miami, Florida who got his start in 2008 under the name QuESt. However, it wouldn’t be until a decade later when he dropped his critically sophomore album Apologies in Advance under his own label WiseUp & Co. with distribution by INgrooves Music Group. We haven’t heard much from Sylvan since then but after a 3-year hiatus, he’s marking his return by dropping his 2nd EP.

The EP kicks off with “Young Sylvan Back”, where the Floridian rips it up like he never left over a trunk-knocking trap beat. The next song “First 48” talks about trying to escape jumping from one trap house to the other over a euphoric instrumental before switching up into a more orchestral vibe. The track “Clam Chowda” talks about not feeling trauma coming over a spine-tingling beat while the song “M J” with Merlaku Ra sees the 2 talking about having hearts full of rage over an instrumental with some snares & bells. Then the closer “Backseat 2012” talks about being fresh out this bitch over a skeletal beat.

Not as good as Apologies in Advance, but still a decent EP in my book. The blatantly heavy Kendrick Lamar influence from that previous album makes it’s way onto here & it’s very distracting. I really Sylvan shakes that off & comes into his own whenever he puts out his next full-length effort, because the dude’s talent is undeniably there.

Score: 3/5

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