Yelawolf & Caskey – “Yelawolf Blacksheep” review

This is the brand new collaborative album from Alabama rapper, singer/songwriter, producer, fashion designer & entrepreneur Yelawolf as well as Floridian rapper Caskey. The pair have done songs together in the past such as “No Such Thing as Free” off of Trunk Muzik III & “Remember” off of Black Sheep 4 but to kick off their 2021, the duo are coming out of the woodwork with Yelawolf Blacksheep.

The album kicks off with “Just the Intro”, where Yelawolf & Caskey are going back & forth with one another for 4 minute straight over a victorious beat. The next song “Daytona” talks about how you can’t slow them down over a dim trap instrumental whereas the track “Been a Problem” talks about their stronghold on the rap game over some heavy bass & rattling hi-hats. The song “Billy & the Purple Datson” talks about doing what they have to in order to make that money over an unhinged beat while the track “Turn Up in Tijuana” talks about partying over a generic trap instrumental.

The song “Cookies” with Cub da Cookup Boss finds the trio talking about ride or die bitches over a sorrowful beat & then there’s the mediocre remix to “McQueen Fiend” off of Caskey’s previous album I Changed. The song “Open” talks about still being “open” after pulling out over a Three 6 Mafia-type beat while the track “C’est La Vie” talks about naysayers over a harp-tinged instrumental. The penultimate track “Tat Shop” talks about getting skulls inked on them for the haters over a trap beat with a cool flute incorporation & the fallen homies, but then the closer “$1M Deal” talks about being free from Shady Records & Cash Money Records respectively over a misty instrumental.

Coming away from this album, my feelings on it are mixed. I think the production plays well to both rappers’ respective sounds, but the chemistry is kinda odd considering that Yelawolf is outrapping Caskey on just about every joint.

Score: 2.5/5

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