KanKan – “##B4RR” review

This is the 19th EP from Dallas artist/producer KanKan. Coming up in 2019 as a member of Slayworld, he also got his name out there by producing for a wide range of artists from Summrs to even Little Pimp. Dude just dropped a sequel to B4 AMGs & SRTs last month not even & has decided to not slow down anytime soon putting out ##B4RR in just a short matter of time.

“We Get High” is an electro-tinged opener about using drugs before going at those who’re inferior to him on the Pi’erre Bourne-influenced “Under Us”. Meanwhile on “RedEye”, we get these incredible synth passages & KanKan going on about his newfound famous lifestyle.

The song “Mad at Me” is a dystopian shot at his haters while the penultimate track “Broad Day” takes shots at his biters over a nocturnal instrumental. The EP then rounds out with “Wicked”, where KanKan & ssgkobe hop on some monstrous bass for a whole lotta fuckery in their words.

For those who’re looking to get into this kid’s discography, ##B4RR isn’t a bad place to start at all. The ideas he brings to the table in terms of sound are really interesting & he still sounds hungry as Hell despite his popularity continuously growing.

Score: 3.5/5

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