Autumn! – “Golden Child” review

Autumn! is a 22 year old rapper/producer from Lafayette, Louisiana who’s dropped over a dozen EPs & a full-length album on SoundCloud since 2018. But for his 14th EP over here that just dropped, he’s kicking off a new hexalogy that should be completed about a year from now.

I love how “The Definition of Grateful!” kicks off the whole thing being a heavenly tribute to Autumn!’s whole family whereas “What My OG Told Me!” serves as a heart-wrenching tribute to his now deceased brother. Meanwhile on “The Other Side!”, we get a bassy depiction of his mental stresses while “The True Cost of Fame!” states that he give a fuck what people say about him & wakes up to make money daily in a pillowy fashion.

“Not 3 But 2!” has a wavy instrumental & lyrics about how he’s not at the same speed as this chick leading into him ballin’ like Tracy McGrady on the atmospheric “D1!”, in which the drums just hit you in the chest. The penultimate track “Keep Ya Head Up!” almost has a hyphy quality to it in the beat as Autumn! expresses the fact that some people wanna see him down & then “Now!” finishes the EP off by charmingly flexing his continuously rising profile.

I’d recommend checking this EP out if anyone reading this isn’t familiar with Autumn! because he’s easily one of the most interesting characters in the plugg scene along with SoFaygo, D. Savage, Bktherula & Summrs. The production is super chilled out & he gets at his most personal throughout the lyrics.

Score: 3.5/5

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