Sharc – “47 Meters Down” review

Sharc is a 25 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia emerging a few years back after signing to Pi’erre Bourne’s very own Interscope Records imprint SossHouse Records. He’s dropped a handful of singles in the past year (the most notable of the bunch being a tossup between “Ricc” or “GTA RAF CITY”) & after landing a spot on The Life of Pi’erre 5 earlier this month, I’m pretty surprised they’re pulling the trigger on dropping a debut album from him this quickly.

The opener “100 Clip” has a bit of a quirky beat & lyrics bragging about foreign shit whereas “Yes Sir” speaks on shooting ya mans over a bassy instrumental. “Grimey Story” lives up to it’s title with it’s vivid storytelling, but the production is kinda plain here. However, “Dump First” makes up for with it’s eerie sound & returning to the gangsta rap tip.

Meanwhile on “Brown Water”, we get a woozier cut looking back on running with the d-boys just before incorporating some shrilling synths & going at his competition for “Duppy”. He later declares himself as the big shark on the electro-tinged “Sharc Wave”, but then “Gang Pop” brings in an accordion as he talks spraying them hammers.

“Brinks” talks about robbing a bank if he don’t go platinum over a comatose beat while “Lean Music” details him taking a hoe to STK accompanied with a wieldy instrumental. The song “Gun Parade” is a horn-inflicted ode to firearms while the penultimate track “Purple Rafs” finds Pi’erre accompanying Sharc on the mic for some cloudy flexing. Then there’s the organ-laced closer “Only Fans”, which is about fucking an OnlyFans bitch.

Sosshouse Records been a roll pushing their artists as of late & it has me wondering who they’re gonna push next because Sharc whipped up a solid effort here. He really lets listeners know more about him as a person with Pi’erre sticking to his signature sound in the production.

Score: 3.5/5

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