Peezy – “Free Rio” review

This is the latest full-length album from Detroit rapper Peezy. Coming up as a part of the Team Eastside collective about a decade ago, he would later go on to release about a dozen solo projects beginning with Mud Muzik in 2014. Dude just got out of prison back in February for racketeering & is now celebrating his freedom by dropping Free Rio.

“The Intro” opens up the album by saying life is good on top of a synth-induced trap beat & some bells leading into the grim 6th installment of his ongoing “I’m Good” series. “I Don’t Know” is a hyphy banger about how he don’t miss whereas the Pooh Beatz-produced title track calls for Rio da Yung OG to be released from prison. Meanwhile on “Build a Bear”, we get an stripped back trap cut about making it out the jungle just before the lively d-boy anthem “We Don’t Scam”.

He continues on to declare himself as the “Million Dollar N***a” accompanied by a glossy instrumental, but then “Perc 10” works in some strings & rubbery bass to talk about sex. The penultimate track “Rio Flow” speaks on taking over the game attached to climatic production with the closer “Good & Bad” speaks on life shit & having a more lavish sound.

Peezy is pretty much a hometown OG at this point & Free Rio might be amongst my favorite bodies of work that he’s put out yet. You should already know what you’re getting yourself into in terms of the overall sound on here, but dude’s bravado is charming as Hell.

Score: 3.5/5

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