Politicize – “Riot” review

Politicize is a 38 year old MC/producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who came up in 2014 off his debut mixtape Codename: Assassin. This was followed up the next fall with the Jason Porter-produced Grimy tape & now after a 6-year hiatus, he’s re-emerging from the shadows with his very first full-length album with some very notable features.

The intro starts things off with a synth-laced instrumental striving for victory whereas “Jelosy” almost has a bit of a trap metal flare going at the throat of a nonessential character acting famous. “Kill Karen” with Scum then gets in their wicked shit bag with a shrilling beat, but then the Blind Fury-assisted “Fury & Enlightenment” gets into battle rap mode with a tension-building instrumental. Shaggy 2 Dope comes into picture for the trap banger “We Do It” speaking on the crazy shit they do just before the keyboard-infused “Make a Nightmare” with Kung Fu Vampire gets back on the horrorcore tip.

“Anxiety” eerily addresses his mental health struggles & despite the skeletal production on “Night Walkers”, I do enjoy the dark verses from Politicize & Mastamind. The penultimate track “Ring of Fire” is an electro-trap fused moshpit starter & finally, Shoto Khan tags along for the theatrical closer “Cartel King” proclaiming they won’t die slow.

In comparison to his early mixtapes, I think it’s safe to say that Riot is a significant improvement in terms of both production & lyricism. However, there are a few cuts in here where his flow is blatantly similar to Ouija Macc’s & it can be pretty distracting.

Score: 3.5/5

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