BBKnight – “Knight Awakens” review

BBKnight is a 24 year old rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada getting his start in the spring of 2018 by dropping his debut EP Knight’s Hive. This was followed up with 4 more EPs but after dropping the debut mixtape Beautiful Boy at the beginning of the year, it’s only right for him to returning with a 6th EP ahead of his 25th birthday that’s coming up this weekend.

“Permanent” starts things off by talking about how this life is forever with a synth-induced trap instrumental whereas “Rick Owens” is a short yet entrancing tribute to the clothing company of the same name. The retro video game sample throughout “On the Flo” is pretty cool as he boasts about himself leading into the catchy party starter “Codeine Sippin’”. The penultimate track “Tired of Yo Shit!” aggressively gets on his shit-talking bag & then “Sap’d Out” is a cloudy finisher talking about not letting these lames around him.

Of all the projects BBKnight has dropped so far, Knight Awakens could very well be my favorite of the handful & I can only see him growing going further. The production is hypnotic as fuck & his performances are at their catchiest as is the songwriting.

Score: 3.5/5

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