Autumn! – “Not Much Longer” review

This is the 15th EP from Louisiana rapper/producer Autumn!. Within the last 3 years, the kid has become a household name in the plugg scene off projects ranging from the ##RETRIBUTION series to the full-length debut Ils Verront last fall. He just dropped Golden Child a couple months back & that’s probably his most introspective work to date so given that, I was definitely curious to hear where he would go on Not Much Longer.

“Incase!” is a minimal yet rowdy opener talking about doing “rich n***a shit” whereas “Dancin’ with the Stars!” goes into cloudier territory with him flexing. “WANTS!” sounds like something out of an old school video game talking about a girl whose heart he broke still texting him just before the woozy albeit self-explanatory “F.T.S.! (FUCK THAT SHIT!)”. The penultimate track “VICTORIOUS!” celebrates his dubs on top of a bass-heavy instrumental & then “MURCIELAGO!” atmospherically tells his naysayers to get out of his life.

I was hoping we were getting Golden Child 2 because I have a tendency to enjoy music that personal, but nonetheless I’m happy with Not Much Longer. I like the more braggadocious tone of the lyricism & the way he makes pluggier beats remains unmatched.

Score: 3.5/5

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