KanKan – “##B4W2G” review

This is the 20th EP from Dallas recording artist & producer KanKan. Emerging in 2019 as a member of the Slayworld collective as well as landing production credits for a wide range of artists from Summrs to even Little Pimp, he would also go on to drop an eponymous debut mixtape accompanied by 19 EPs & a full-length debut in that short amount of time. But to warm everyone up for his upcoming sophomore effort Way 2 Geeked, it’s only right for KanKan to give the fans ##B4W2G as a way to hold us over until then.

“14” starts off the EP with a electronic/trap fusion talking about how the pussies can’t hit his za whereas “don’t @ me” takes a more uptempo route calling out those who think they’re better than him. The song “see u” shoots for a more atmospheric sound talking about treating every day like it’s a holiday while the penultimate track “after me” works in a rage beat confessing that he’s been geeked all summer. “taxbracket” closes things out with a fun braggadocio banger.

##RR was an impressive debut album for KanKan & for him to give us this in preparation for Way 2 Geeked, I’m really looking forward to hearing him continuing to artistically expand on there. I think the production of each cut gives off it’s own vibe & Kan’s songwriting is only getting catchier.

Score: 3.5/5

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